2009 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Betting Odds

2009 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
by Predictem.com Staff

On your mark, get set, eat weiners! Yes, the 2009 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is upon us. All your favorite eaters will “step up to the plate” to cram down as many weenies as they can possible stuff down their pie hole.

Since this event has become so popular, online bookies have taken notice and made it possible to wager on the event as well, which has chow hounds from around the world “chomping at the bit” to get their money down on who will suck down the most dogs.

The 2009 battle will feature many “big eaters” but betting olds are held to a 3-way bet in which you can select either of the two favorites (Joey Chestnut or Takeru Kobayashi) or “the field”.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

(Image courtesy of InfoBarrel.com)

The field would seem to be the best odds bet and most likely to hit, but lemme tell ya folks, if you haven’t seen this contest before, let me be the first to advise you that Chestnut and Kobayashi are food pounding freaks that nobody even comes close to when it comes to downing dogs.

It would take an absolute miracle for somebody other than one of these two to win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and we don’t foresee any ruptured tracheas or strained gizzards happening to one of these freaks, not this year eat least.

With that being said, let’s uncover the current odds to win the contest!

The Field (Anybody other than the two names listed below) +1000 (10-1!)

Joey Chestnut -150 (Risk $1.50 to profit $1.00)

Takeru Kobayashi +120 (Profit $1.20 for every $1.00 risked.)

We believe Takeru Kobayashi will regain his old compusure and win by a dog or two.