Increase Your Odds of Winning at Sports Betting

Increase Your Odds of Winning

Increase your odds of winning at sports betting by doing some VERY simple things! You don’t even have to study anything to apply these basic principles and they WILL increase your winnings or decrease your losses.

Use online sportsbooks such as 5Dimes that allow you to bet at reduced odds. You can bet on foots/hoops at -105 instead of -110! This saves you loot every time you bet!

Use sportsbooks that offer reload bonuses and that offer special bonuses on certain days of the week. Most online sportsbooks only offer a sign up bonus the first time you deposit with them.

Bet at places that offer reduced odds/reduced vig wagering. This is absolutely the bomb and better than any bonus you’ll find. Let’s show an example:

At Sportbet Sportsbook NFL can be wagered at $107 to win $100. Most books offer the traditional $110 to win $100. As you can see, you knock $3 off the risked amount when playing at Sportbet which reduces risk. You can take that $3 and risk it to earn yourself another couple dollars and change which would mean your betting around $110 to win $103 instead! It simply pays to play at Sportbeet and bet their reduced odds! (AKA: reduced juice/reduced vigorish)

There are also other sportsbooks that offer no vig for certain games, reduced vig on certain days and even permanetly reduced vig. If your not playing with one or don’t have one of these online sportsbooks in your betting arsenal you need to get with the program because your pissing away your hard earned loot! (Well, risking too much at least)

Check out our sportsbook reviews page for more info on which book offers what!