Boxing Articles

Welcome to the boxing articles page. This is the section of the site in which we add articles related to fighting that are non tips/advice/strategy/bettign related. What you’ll find here are pieces written about the sport that answer questions such as “who are the best”, “top 10”, “the best ever to step in the ring” and such. They’re all really good reading and are written by some of the best boxing enthusiasts you’ll find on the web. Enjoy!

The Best Pound for Pound Fighters of All Time – This piece would surely spark some debate at your local barber shop! I think we can all agree on one thing though. Sugar Ray Robinson is the undisputed king of this discussion.

The History of Boxing – Scotty talks about how there’s evidence dating back to 700 BC that fighting existed. He also talks about how the sport has evolved to what it is today.

Problems and Considerations When Betting on Boxing – Scotty highlights some of the things that we’ve all witnessed at one time or another including poor officiating, promoter ties, superstar fighters receiving too much respect, underdogs not getting enough respect and more.

Top Ten Greatest Boxing Upsets of All Time – Scott gives readers his take on what the greatest boxing upsets of all time are kicking it off with the shocking upset of Mike Tyson by Buster Douglas.