College Basketball Trends

Each day during the college basketball season, we’ll post daily trends that SOUND like they make sense and will provide a winner, however, we will actually be FADING these trends.

There’s an old saying and it’s part of the reason bookies drive Cadillacs! The saying goes a little like this “Let the trend be your friend.” HOGWASH. What happened yesterday is old news. It has very little affect if any on what happens today in the sporting world.

Many handicappers and touts use trends as reasons to bet on a game. We couldn’t disagree more. We can maybe see it as supporting information to help you lean one way or another on a play, but most trends, especially ones involving really old dates are fairly worthless and should be used for entertainment only.

Each day we’ll try to post at least one trend that we can fade and go opposite against. Enjoy!

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