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    Sorry Benrik I wouldn't have a clue where Corey has gone to, just seemed to dissapear after a master series event earlier this year and havent heard from him since. Which isnt good since he is much better at capping tennis than I am.

    ATP Barcelona - 1st Round

    3 * Sanguinetti, Davide v Vliegen, Kristof - Vliegen, Kristof to win 2-0 @ $1.60

    Vliegen is one of my favourite players on the ATP tour as most of the time he is under valued. (Although he wasnt a favourite of mine in the Davis Cup) Entering this tournament Sanguinetti has failed to get any resonable results on clay. In a Bermuda challanger he failed to get past the 2nd round something a player of his sort should be able to do. Vliegen on the other hand had a nice time in Monte Carlo by getting to the third round after beating PHM and Safin and losing out to the eventual winner of the tournament Nadal. Thats something I believe Vliegen would be happy about and I think he will come into this game with the confidence needed to win this match. Pretty easily - cant see Davide putting up a fight against Kristof.

    ATP Barcelona - 2nd Round

    3 * Calleri, Augustin v Lorenzi, Paolo - Calleri, Augustin to win 2-0 @ $1.75

    Both of these players are coming off 3 set matches, I think Calleri will win this match as he hasnt played as mant matches as Lorenzi has gone through which is 3. 2 of which were for qualifying. I think Augustin wasnt adjusting that well to his first game back since Indian Wells but I think he will benefit from the time he has had off here before this tournament to beat Lorenzi pretty easily. Furthermore I believe Lorenzi has been playing too much Tennis lately and would find it hard to cope with Calleri.
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      Vliegen wins 6-2, 6-4 WIN!
      Calleri wins 6-2, 6-2 WIN!

      YTD: 9-3
      Profit: +12.93
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        ATP Barcelona - 2nd Round

        3 * Nieminen, Jarkko v Seppi, Andreas - Jarkko, Nieminen to win @ $1.53

        Jarkko enters this matchup with the 1-0 head to head record over Seppi. Seppi is coming off a tough 3 set match against Karlovic, I think that would have taken quite a bit out of Seppi. Jarkko enters this match after having a nice break between matches with him losing to Safin in Monte Carlo. I think Seppi could feel the effect here of playing too many games close to each other with the Qualifying at Monte Carlo and the last match. Jarkko should take this out.

        More picks to come
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          ATP Barcelona - 2nd Round

          3 * Pavel, Andrei v Pashanski, Boris - Pavel, Andrei to win 2-0 @ $2.10

          Boris will be fresh entering this game, coming off a game he won by retirement but he has been playing a lot of games with the qualifying and he hasnt been overly good on the clay curcuit in recent times as shown by his poor showings in challangers. Pavel is coming off a huge win against Stapanek a 3 set win mind you but I think in this matchup he should be able to win, he is the better player and has had success against Boris before on clay where he had a straight sets win last year.
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            Pavel lost 2-1
            Nieminen won 2-0 WIN!

            YTD: 10-4
            Profit: +11.52
            Soccer 2011 Picks - YTD: 67-0-45 Profit: 267.10


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              that Pavel should be ashamed.Pashanski is a big time stiff.losing to him like losing to wta player:surrender:


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                Exactly Stu, couldnt have put it any better myself

                ATP Barcelona - 3rd Round

                3 * Robredo, Tommy v Calleri, Augustin - Robredo, Tommy to win @ $1.40

                Robredo enters this game after having a bye in the 1st round and a comfortable win against Lopez in the 2nd round. Last year Robredo was a finalist at this tournament so he is use to the surface here and does seem comfortable. Calleri on the other hand is coming off the hamstring injury - but one worrying thing for me here is he hasnt really faced someone of Robredo's quality for quite sometime, Calleri sturggled in the 1st round against Marc Lopez been pushed to three but did make quick time against Lorenzi. I think Robredo will be too much for Calleri till Calleri starts getting a bit fitter to compete at the level he was at before his injury.
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                  ATP Casablanca - 2nd Round

                  3 * Montanes, Albert v Massu, Nicholas - Massu, Nicholas to win 2-0 @ $1.90

                  The head to head record between these two speaks for itself here Massu has a 5-0 lead over Montanes. With 4/5 being straight set wins. Furthermore Massu was a finalist here last year and I believe he will be looking to go that one step further this year, he looked comfortable in his first match against Roitman, whereas Montanes had a tough 3 set win against Udomchoke. This is Montanes first time to make it past the 1st round of this tournament. In short I dont think Montanes will be able to compete with a determined Massu today.
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                    Robredo lost 1-2
                    Massu retired (refund)

                    Profit: +8.52 Units

                    ATP Munich - 1st Round

                    3 * Melzer, Jurgen v Rochus, Oliver - Rochus, Oliver to win @ $1.57

                    The head to head record between these two sits at 3-3. Rochus has not been good as of late since his injury in Miami he lost in the Davis Cup against Kohlschreiber and in Monte Carlo lost to Soderling (a loss I'm willing to forgive)
                    Melzer hasnt been anything special as of late as he continues to struggle against players in the top 100. As we saw in Monte Carlo where he lost to Roitman and in Houston his lost to Zabeleta. I think the mini Oliver will do his mighty mouse impression and knock down Melzer who I believe dosnt play too well on the clay courts (going by past results)

                    3 * Baghdatis, Marcos v Hartfield, Diego - Baghdatis, Marcos to win @ $1.45

                    These two have never met before. Marocs is comming off a poor Monte Carlo tournament losing in the first round to Max Mirnyi, Diego is coming straight off Casablanca where he didnt even manage to get past the first round as well as he lost to Mike Russell (who is a talented player) I find this match could be the match Baghdatis would be looking for off a weeks break a good way to bounce back after a dissapointing Monte Carlo.
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                      Ok I've decided to come back to Tennis after a while - I have still been following it just not posting plays or anything. So we will see how I can pick up the game here.

                      Oliver Rochus lost 0-2
                      Marcos Baghdatis won 2-0

                      YTD: 11-6
                      Profit: +6.87 Units

                      I'm going to change a bit of the way I play my bets as well I'll give an indication out of 10 how I feel about the game to show how confident I am on the game instead of people having to rely on how many units I put on a game.

                      Arag World Team Cup - Round Robin Matches

                      3 * Blake, James v Calleri, Agustin - Blake, James to win @ $1.90

                      This game is a lineball call, I can see either man winning this game. Calleri enters the game with the advantage of a 1-0 Head to Head record against Blake but that was on a quicker Indoor Hard court back in 2002. Blake lost his first Round Robin match to Gonzo, Calleri has been struggling recently with 1st round exits at Rome and Hamburg - He hasnt looked as good as he was back in late April. I cant see Blake losing 2 in a row here. 6/10

                      Hypo Group Tennis International - Round 1 Matches

                      3 * Monaco, Juan v Melzer, Jurgen - Monaco, Juan to win @ $1.72

                      Monaco enters this game with a 2-0 head to head record against Melzer - both matches were on clay where clearly Monaco holds a strong advantage over Melzer. However Melzer has been able to get some strong results on the clay as of late he was able to push Gonzo to 3 on a court that suits Gonzo more than himself as well as beating Gasquet. Monaco had a rather good tournament at Hamburg and you could tell the rest between tournaments benefited him alot it was a shame he ran into Fed-Ex as early as he did and was unable to beat him - but none the less he did push the eventual winner to 3 sets. I think the Bookies may be a bit optimistic of Melzer's chance here none the less I'm not going to bet a heap on this game I'll save that for the later matches. 8/10

                      7 * Hewitt, Lleyton v Roitman, Sergio - Hewitt, Lleyton to win 2-0 @ $1.44

                      Hewitt is in spectacular form he would have taken a lot of confidence from Hamburg - he was able to force Nadal into 3 sets and not to mention he had a Huge win over Davydenko. Roitman is a player you would expect to fire up on the Clay surface but recent challanger results suggest otherwise, his win over Melzer in Monte Carlo I would now consider just to be a lucky win. I cant see Hewitt dropping a set here at all - He could be a dark horse at the French as well if he continues the recent performances. 9/10

                      Hypo Group Tennis International - Round 2 Matches

                      5 * Montanes, Albert v Montcourt, Mathieu - Montanes, Albert to win @ $1.30

                      Interesting matchup this is - Montcourt is coming off one of the biggest upsets defeating Mad Max Mirnyi, but lets face it Clay is not one of the best surfaces for Max and he has been struggling in all tournaments his entered into (Single wise) Albert Montanes in my honest opinion is a few classes above Montcourt - I believe he holds a 1-0 head to head record here. However the reason why I'm not too confident on this matchup is I know nothing about how Montcourt plays - but I'm quite confident that Montanes has what it takes to get the win here. 7/10
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                        gl on your last 2 tennis nice 2-0 start to the day
                        ****all plays 4.4 units to win 4 units unless otherwise noted****

                        NBA 20-22 -16.8 units
                        NHL 1-0 +4.0 units
                        MLB 0-1 -4.8 units
                        CFB 12-6-1 +21.6 units


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                          Thanks Dan - Had a rather good day yesterday:

                          James Blake won 2-6, 6-3, 6-4 WIN!
                          Juan Monaco won 6-3, 6-1 WIN!
                          Lleyton Hewitt won 6-2, 6-2 WIN!
                          Albert Montanes won 7-6, 6-1 WIN!

                          YTD: 15-6
                          Profit: +16.31 Units

                          I'll try and post tomorrow's games in the next hour hopefully.
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                            Arag World Team Cup - Round Robin Matches

                            3 * Kristof Vliegen v Jan Hajek - Kristof Vliegen to win @ $1.50

                            I'm a big fan of Kristof, I know he is coming off an Ankle injury at Hamburg during qualifying but his opponent Hajek is coming off a knee injury from earlier this month. Vliegen lost his 1st group match against home town favourite Mayer (who is hitting good form) while Hajek had an easy opponent. Also the thing I like about Kristof is I think Oliver will lose his match against Berdych so I think Vliegen will force this one to doubles, which would be interesting. Also would be a big confidence booster for Kristof just before the French Open.
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                              Hypo Group Tennis International - Round 2 Matches

                              3 * Vincent Spadea v Diego Hartfield - Vincent Spadea to win @ $1.83

                              This game is really hard to call - it could honestly go either way - Diego is a regular on the clay court tournaments - He hasnt been doing overly well this year on the clay however - but I dont think you can count him out at all - espically after his supurb victory over Wawrinka. However Spadea - fired up in the last round and was able to get out an excellent win over Domino. I think Spadea will be confident heading into this game and thats a good thing for Vincent. He'll come out today and win this game I believe, but I dont think you can discount Diego's experince on the clay here. 6/10
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                                Hypo Group Tennis International - Round 2 Matches

                                7 * Lleyton Hewitt v Potito Starace - Lleyton Hewitt to win @ $1.40

                                I backed Hewwy at simular odds yesterday in his first round match against Roitman, he came through - he is playing excellent tennis and the good thing for Hewitt is he is playing with a lot of confidence, his outing in Hamburg would have given him enough confidence and as long as he keeps that up he can go through to the later stages of the French. I believe winning this tournament is key for Hewitt and he knows it - it would be the best thing for him before the French to come in with a tournament win on clay. Starace shouldn't be excluded here - he has played quality tennis with big wins over Ferrero and Chela on the clay. But the thing I dont like about Starace entering this game is he comes in after playing 3 games and 1 going to 3 sets. Hewitt had a comfy run through with Roitman - I think Fatigue will play a part here for Starace. 8/10
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