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  • ***UDoggie's UFC Doggies***

    Let me preface these plays by saying i know nothing about this, but I was just chatting with a good friend who is pretty knowledgeable. He wagers on UFC & Boxing exclusively..... told me to hit Pretty Boy Floyd to win by decision & I didn't play it, so today I'm giving it a shot. According to him these are 4 dogs that have decent shots at pulling out victories....





    half unit each

    He said he fully expects Martin & Starnes to win, but the other 2 are more value plays. Hopefully he's right LoL :punch:
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...

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    Damn udog, I wish you would've posted for someone else's advice....

    Martin at +140 is good, he has great punching power, very strong, etc. Salaverry has very slick bjj but is old and is far undersized in my opinion. (good pick here)

    Starnes... I really do not see him winning. Leben knows he HAS to win, is FAR better at striking. THe only advantage starnes has is jiu jitsu, but Chris should be skilled enough to not get submitted.

    Burkman - I'll be INCREDIBLY surprised if he beats karo. Karo basically wants to put on a highlight clip this fight, expect to see some SICK judo throws.

    Houston Alexander - Yes there is value here, yes he came into the weighins looking liek a freakin monster. But with all that muscle mass, he will probably get tired fast. Jardine is from one of the best camps and has one of the most knowledgable and smart game plan/cornermen (Greg Jackson). Expect Jardine to throw some heavy kicks, and if hes getting beat with punches, He'll take Houston down (where houston is prettttttty BAD).

    These would've been my picks for you...

    1 unit
    Irvin at +200 is great value. Thiago silva sounds tough since hes from Chute Boxe academy, but he really is not great, his standup sucks... and he said he wants to duke it out. I expect Irvin to have more technical striking and go for the KO. THis fight will be nuts either way.

    1 unit
    Terry Martin +140 (already explained this).

    3-5 units
    Rampage +150 or so... depends on when you bet on him. I've gone in depth why I think this is the pick of the night.

    Good luck though Udog!


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      Originally posted by yukoncornelius View Post
      Damn udog, I wish you would've posted for someone else's advice....

      LoL it was my good friend's advice whom I respect...thank you for your thoughts though...

      3-1 +3.12 units & props to my buddy Sean :jiggy:
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        That Alexander fight was crazy man... I see that happening once out of 10 times. I really think Jardine didn't take him serious or something.

        Starnes fight was VERY close, Leben blew it in the third round if you ask me.

        You came out great though man, nice!!!


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            :beerbang: nice udoggie:beerbang: lets tell sean to get those picks in a bit quicker:beerbang: