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UFC 158: GSP vs Diaz Picks and Predictions!!

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  • UFC 158: GSP vs Diaz Picks and Predictions!!

    UFC 158: ST-PIERRE VS. DIAZ, March 16th, Montreal, Quebec

    Fight Card
    Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz - PPV
    Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks - PVV
    Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt - PPV
    Chris Camozzi vs. Nick Ring - PPV
    Colin Fletcher vs. Mike Ricci - PPV
    Patrick Cote vs. Bobby Voelker - FX
    Antonio Carvalho vs. Darren Elkins - FX
    Jordan Mein vs. Dan Miller - FX
    Daron Cruickshank vs. John Makdessi - FX
    Quinn Mulhern vs. Rick Story - Sportsnet
    T.J. Dillashaw vs. Issei Tamura - Sportsnet
    Reuben Duran vs. George Roop - Facebook

    Roop has a massive height advantage and with his style, smart fighter, will definitely use that vs Duran. Like Dillashaw in the grappling/wrestling match vs Tamura - think he'll definitely be going to clench and bring it to the ground. Mullhern comes in at 168 and to me saying he's had a pretty good cut. Doesn't look dehydrated at all. Rick Story about four inches smaller. Big fan of Daron Cruickshank and Makdessi both as they put on striking clinics in their last fight. I believe Cruickshank is more diverse of a striker, while Makdessi is more of a brawler. I like Cruickshank to be able to use his distance better and keep Makdessi from rushing. Cruickshank's awkward karate style of striking will give Makdessi problems when rushing in. Jordan Mein looked great last time out, but Dan Miller is a crafty vet that might give the youngster some problems. Props to Miller for the tragedies he's endured, always a class-act and really want this man to win. LOVE Carvalho's EPIC beard. Bobby Voelker looks to continue the success of men coming over from Strikeforce vs Patrick Cote. Colin Fletcher has some crazy tattoos holy moly. I was not impressed by Ricci in the house, and vs the wrestling. He has some suspect losses. Will be on Nick Ring as he's definitely been putting together a few nice fights. Nice to see Nate Marquardt back in the UFC and like to see him take care of Ellenberger. Marquardt definitely more diverse and better cardio.

    Will not be betting the top two fights. I think Condit will implore the same strategy he did vs Diaz in the jab-and-run. He knows Hendricks' power, and certainly doesn't want to eat it. I do like that Condit is a very good fighter, he mixes things up well, has a diverse striking game and pretty good takedown defense. I think if Hendricks doesnt get that one punch in the first 1.5 rounds, he'll be looking to take it down and if he rushes Condit, be wary of that awkward counter punch. I think it's going to be a great fight!!!!

    GSP defenses his title against his toughest-test yet in Nick Diaz. There's no doubt that Diaz presents some new problems for GSP. He's the best boxer certainly in the WW division and perhaps p4p the best in the UFC. He once threatened to quit MMA and start a boxing career - and most experts believed he'd have a belt within two years. He's noted for being aggressive on the ground with his BJJ. Diaz's awkward frame and long limbs are useful for odd angles on the feet, and a different style of offensive BJJ on the ground. Last but not least, this is a fight GSP has wanted. He believes Diaz to be a disrespectful opponent and wants to put the hurt on him. We've never seen GSP want a fight like he wants this one. We've never seen GSP more emotional. This isn't just business and title-defensing - he wants to make a statement. We all know GSP is a fighter who beats you at what you're the best at... think you're a striker - hello Josh Koscheck. Think you're a wrestler - hello Jake Shields. Unfortunately I think there's no better striker in the WW division than Nick Diaz and if GSP wants to stand and trade, he could get hurt. Now, think what you want about Diaz's antics, his motivation etc, the one thing that he does not do is fight stupidly. He knows his advantages and he fights and uses them well.

    I think GSP wants to trade for the first 1.5 rounds or so, and then tries to take Diaz down. I think you'll see more of a high-risk, high-reward from GSP in his previous fights as instead of working on position, he'll be looking for side control, elbows, etc. If he stays in Diaz's guard though, watch for elbows from the ground and going for arms and shoulders. If you had the GSP or Diaz ITD prop, I would take it. I probably would bet both and say it's a winner. Nonetheless, I think this should be a good fight, but not fight of the night.


    George Roop +115 over Reuben Duran - Roop surprises people as a dog, and up-and-comers are taken back by his craftiness
    Daron Cruickshank -120 over John Makdessi - definitely has the FOTN written all over this fight
    Colin Fletcher +220 over Mike Ricci
    Nick Ring -120 over Chris Camozzi
    Nate Marquardt +135 over Jake Ellenberger

    All are for one unit!
    NFL 17: 45-47-2 // 48.91% // -10.12
    MMA: 247-332-2 // 42.66% // -6.04
    MLB 17: 151-140-8 // 51.89% // +5.65 ROR // +42.13
    NCAAF 17: 63-49-2 // 56.25% // +6.80
    Updated on 01/13/18
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