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Yukon's Ultimate Fight Night (Spike tv tuesday) picks...

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  • Yukon's Ultimate Fight Night (Spike tv tuesday) picks...

    Well bookmaker finally posted some odds, definitely some value in a couple of the pups. Once again, I'm looking out for all of ya :beerbang:

    Sam Stout +190...

    He beat Spencer Fisher by split decision in the first match. Now spencer did take the 1st fight on VERY short notice, but I really like "hands of stone" at this price.... Spencer is the type of fighter who is "proud" and wants to "bang"... Sam's forte is striking and is more technical than Spencer in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if Spencer wins, but the odds are wrong right now. Take the value with Stout.

    Forrest Petz +265 ...

    Great value here. Fioravanti has never impressed me to the point where he should be -325 over a guy that is equally as skilled as him. Petz is pretty strong and should be able to neutralize Luigi on the ground. Hopefully the fight stays standing and Luigi doesn't try to pull some bjj on forrest which is the area where he can slip up. Standing up Petz hits harder in my opinion and Luigi always seems slow.

    3 units each if you follow the icepick
    1 unit each if you somewhat trust my picks
    .5 unit each if you just wanna roll the dice lol



    June 22 Strikeforce...

    Phil Baroni was -110, He's now -120 and Frank Shamrock is -110. That said, I don't know HOW this line is close. Frank has been out of the game for a while, and while he used to be dominant, his days are past him. His recent strikeforce fight with Renzo Gracie (older and looks much less physically strong)... he looked horrible. And probably kneed Renzo on the ground because he knew he was losing. Conclusion - Baroni talks a massive amount of ****, HATES frank, hates him more after what he did during the Renzo fight, and basically wants to kill sham"cock" lol. Hopefully Baroni comes well conditioned, if he does, it should be lights out for Frank.
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    Good luck Tomorrow night Yukon! This card is a no play for me. I just dont see anything I like but I agree with you that Luigi has never, ever impressed me! I could see you hitting with that doggie! As for the main event, I am biased due to the fact that I grew up in Bettendorf, Ia. So I have to go with my heart and root for the MFS fighter in this one. You are correct, sometimes Spencer stands and bangs when he should be using his take downs and subs? His style makes for great fights and tomorrow night shouldn't be anything but that. Just cant count him out, might see one of those flying knees again......OUCH!! Besides, I need a stress free night of watching UFC with no wagers. Any thoughts on that card this weekend? Seems pretty lame to me but ill buy it anyhow because Im a sucker for the PPV, It would kill me sitting here knowing they are fighting and Im not able to see it because Im being cheap????? Besides, Im getting used to giving half my check to the cable company...LOL!!
    GOOD LUCK YUKON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:beerbang:


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      Petz wins, Stout loses.... I'll take it!


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        Sure wish I could of seen luigi go down? Oh well, hey pretty entertaining card tonight. Couple of big K.O.s and a toe 2 toe main event. Cant ask for much more from a fight night! Yukon, you have to admitt, Spencer looked sharp tonight. Couldnt believe he was connecting on Sam like that.....But Stout must have one hell of a chin to take all those direct shots! Good fight, if it wasnt for that punk ass Jason Black the Bettendorf crew would of had a clean sweep! Its all good, hope you ended up on the plus side tonight Yukon, lets get ready for sat......


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          Spencer looked in top form tonight... I knew he woudl be too proud to take the fight to the ground. He totally outclassed stout as far as striking, I don't know what Sam was thinking or where his great kickboxing skills were.

          I don't know how much opportunity there is gonna be for saturday's card... I don't see any of the matchups having potential for value. Okami does, but we'll see how big of an underdog gets to be. The line on Smith and Herman should be interesting. Guida and Griffin is gonna be a big spread if you ask me, with Guida being a big underdog, might wanna throw a liiiiiiitle on that, but damn Tyson is GOOD. If parlays are open, I'd attempt to parlay all 8 fights.

          Petz was the value for this whole week... I could not BELIEVE he was that big o fan underdog to someone as unimpressive as Luigi. And he paid off :beerbang:


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            Yea, wish I would of got in on that Petz money. Oh well, have to be honest, it was cool to just watch as a fan without the stress of action. Man all of these cards lately were starting to burn me out. But as a fan it is incredible that mma is laying out all these events for us. Sure as hell beats the old days of a PPV every 3 months huh? Its here to stay and only going to get better from here. The next two years should be very exciting for us fans!!! Ill be watching the lines for this weekend and looking for your thoughts Yukon!!
            see ya!:beerbang: