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    Originally posted by birdsfan5 View Post
    V3r1f13d you are a much better gambler then I am. I could never bet against my fighter or team. As far a AC IMO it is a dump. If you go outside of the casions it is the ghetto.
    I used to be the same way, but I got over it. Believe me, I paid to learn this lesson. It's becomes a lot easier because you know your team better than any other. I bet against the Angels and the Ducks when I know they are going to lose, and for them when I know they are going to win.

    Just like the last match. Jose Luis Castillo is my guy, and I'm not a Hatton fan necessarily..I just know JLC just couldn't take this one. Hated to watch JLC take the count, but hey...Im not going to watch my money go down with him.


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      Originally posted by birdsfan5 View Post
      what about winky vs B-hop
      Forgot about this one.
      I've been on Winky since day 1, but so is the rest of the planet so I may be on Hopkins come bet time. Don't really know yet.


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        v3 here you go

        Sat 7/28 101 Carlos Manuel Baldomir +110
        10:00PM (EST) 102 Vernon Forrest -140