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Klitschko vs Brewster - Live From Germany

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  • Klitschko vs Brewster - Live From Germany

    Over 7.5 -110

    Sound crazy? Here is my logic...

    Klitschko is a much smarter fighter now and will pace just in case he has to go the full 12. He won't be looking for the KO right away. Even if he does, he gave it his all and Brewster maintained some heavy punishment for a while. Brewster has a chin, but Klitschko doesn't (even though he has gotten much more solid). Look for 2 very tentative fighters this Saturday. Klitschko definately does not want to be KO'd, he can outbox him. Brewster will be looking for the KO, but the last time he did it to an exhausted Wlad, who did bring up some decent excuses of why he gassed so quick (over trained, too much vaseline on the skin, etc.). It was more of a Toney vs Holyfield scenario than an acutal KO. Klitschko will box and Brewster will miss. This will look exactly like Klits vs Peter (which went the full distance). Please no home town early stoppage.

    Laying a unit plus juice...

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    So I got burned again. His fighter wasn't taking a beating, he just wasn't sticking to the game plan. I just needed ONE more round, and Buddy Skirt stops the fight while Brewster was in his stool (Brewster said OK).

    I came up short one round.

    Bunk fight, bunk stoppage, I guess Skirt and Brewster had money on the Under.


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      Brewster was going to get killed out there. Steelhammer just kept getting stronger and stronger. Brewster would of got completely shook if he kept heading out there.

      On a side note... any word on the undercard? Zaurbek Baysangurov vs. Hussein Bayram? Cant find it anywhere!
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        Yea, you got the Shaft on that one, couldnt believe it. Buddy owes you one unit plus the juice!


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          He was fine, plus this is a championship fight. He just wasnt going to win, but he could have gone another good 2 or 3 rounds. Round 1-6 were all the same, nothing devastating happened to cause a corner stoppage. All Im saying is that he could have gone out there for another round, and gone back to his corner in the same situation he was in during the whole fight.

          I tried looking, but I can't find any undercard results anywhere.


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            Hey I just noticed I needed more than a round. It was ruled KO 6, so I assume that if Brewster went in for one more round and quit after the 7th, it would be KO7...still a loss.

            I have never been this close to an O/U in boxing before so it never really dawned on me. It isn't considered the next round unless the bell rings.


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              Either way you still got screwed! It was a good bet and you were right on the money with your reasoning. Just a bad break, get em next time V3!!


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                Ya, there is just no way to tell with boxing. It's the only sport that you can just quit on, or have an abrupt stop in action. Over/Unders are tough...

                Oh well, onto the big card next Saturday!!!