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    Well, one of my favorite fighters - Yves Edwards loses again... he has had the WORST luck recently. Its so ****ty because he really is so skilled and exciting as a fighter. R1 sounded close, R2 it sounded like Yves got the best of it, but then Masvidal lands a high kick and its all over :(

    Hinkle sounds like hes OWNING Zentsov right now, going exactly like Verified said it would. I thought Roman would at least have some TD defense to neutralize Brandon.

    edit: Hinkle wins 30-27 on all 3 judges card... went exactly like verified said, superior wrestling. Play by play sounds kinda ridiculous, I woulda been pissed that HInkle couldn't finish the fight.
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      Yukon- yea that sucks for Yves!! Must not of been able to use his THUG-Jitsu?? Cracks me up when he says that....