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Boxing March 3rd

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  • Boxing March 3rd

    I usually do write ups and explanations but I left it all at UC. So I will start next week.

    1 on Miranda to win 50
    1 on the Over (Cotto vs Urkal) to win 100
    1 on Vazquez to win 140

    More to come. I may be upping the Miranda to 3, but we'll see...

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    hey buddy glad you made it!!!!!!!!!!!! was wondering how the hell i was going to get in touch with you,,i emailed one of the mods to get your email... glad your here!!!!!!!!!!


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      Thanks, good lookin out.

      Saturday night I am going to be glued to my TV and sitting on a UFC PBP post hitting "refresh" between rounds.

      I still dont know which one I am watching first (HBO or Showtime). Way too tough to call. I think I will watch the HBO undercard and the Showtime main event.


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        vasquez when up to +158


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          Press Conference was today.

          Marquez said he was 100% ready, maybe that's why.
          Vazquez has a couple inches on him in the "stare down".

          I would still bet on Vaquez even if the odds were flipped around.

          Marquez stated, "I am 100% physically and mentally prepared. I respect Israel Vazquez very much but come Saturday night I am going to take his championship this Saturday night."

          "The time for talk is over and on Saturday night I'm going show that I am the best at 122 pounds," said Vazquez. "

          Israel Vazquez (41-3, 31 KOs)
          Rafael Marquez (36-3, 32 KOs)

          Oh Boy!!!


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            v3 i parlayed all three of your picks ....hope we hit something:beerbang:


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              Miranda and the Cotto Over I would bet 10 out of 10 times. Vazquez, about 6 out of 10 times.

              Marquez has those weird angles and combos. Not enough to be labeled as an unorthodox fighter, but he is pretty crafty in there. Vazquez has got some solid power. I hope he gets the KO because if it does go to the judges it will be prety close (116-112 is close enough).

              Miranda and Green is not going the distance, I know that for sure.

              GL to the both of us!


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                Boxing expert predictions.

                8 chose the over and 4 with the under, 2 just are nuetral.

                11 took Miranda, 3 took Green.

                5 took Vazquez and 10 took Marquez.


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                  Dropped another 2 Units on Miranda today.

                  So now I've got 3 to win 1.5 on Edison Miranada.
                  I had to do it...


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                    Good luck guys!!:thumbs:


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                      Went 2-1

                      Miranda wins UD
                      Cotto vs Urkal went the over 6.5

                      But, Vazquez broke his nose in the 7th and couldnt breath. Quits on his stool. Fight was fairly close, but Marquez still had a slight edge on the cards. Great fight regardless.

                      On this board...
                      Boxing YTD 2-1 +1.5 Units

                      Almost had the parlay Eddie.


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                        v3 nice call on the cotto over and on miranda!!! sadly i had those parlayed with baba****inlou............sobral sucks anymore,,what a bum!!!


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                          No way?!

                          You had Miranda, Cotto Over, and Babalu on a 3 way parlay? That sucks man. I only watched the main event for UFC, but I heard Babalu got smashed.

                          Ya, like I was saying earlier. Miranda and Cotto Over I would pay all day everyday. Vazquez was a little shakey. He was barely behind on the cards (a round or two) and was picking up the pace. Vazquez has always been a late starter. He knocked Marquez down once. He didn't come out of his corner and everyone was shocked becuase we just won the last round as well. He couldnt breathe though, his nose was jacked. Great fight though.


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                            yep:( sobral is so done!!! he just walks in with his hands down,,,just like he did with chuck in his last fight..............he is finished another joe riggs......