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    I love that you stick with your fellow countryman JML, but I have to agree with Yukon. Kendell is a hard guy to fight. He is so damn long and lanky. He is able to move great on the ground and really good with his subs. I know he left Tito's camp and Im pretty sure he is in Vegas with Randy? Could be wrong, but if he is with the natural, that makes him all the more dangerous! Cote's best chance is the stand up. He hits hard and could hurt/ finish Kendall? I think its going to be one of the best fights on the card and I cant wait to see it. Good luck, and yes, if Cote can win, it would be a nice pay out!! :beerbang:


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      Spike t.v. is going to help us with our UFC withdrawl symptoms. Big night tonight. They are showing Unleashed, followed by the UFC 74 countdown show and an All Access with Randy Couture. Should be good and I know it will get me pumped! Only two more days guys!!!!:beerbang:


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        Locked in 2 plays...

        Gonzaga -123 vs Couture - 2 Units
        Randy knows this is a bad matchup for him...I don't see this one being close...GG is a powerful striker (ask cro cop), and master bjj on the ground, and is just to big and strong for the old man to handle. I love Couture, but this monster is way too much for him.

        Patrick Cote +216 vs Grove - 1 Unit
        Cote takes out the overrated Grove in the first round IMO...insane value.


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          Diego Sanchez a dog at UFC 76?? All over that....


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            Cote has had too many chances. That many losses in the UFC and I can't keep accepting them as flukes. If anyone is overrated its Patrick Cote. I hope you hit it though.


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              Grove is not overrated, if anything he has VASTLY improved. He looked great against alan belcher who is no joke, and a better technical striker than Cote is...

              I'll be surprised if Cote wins...

              I really think Couture is the more conditioned, smarter fighter and will win.

              Alberto Crane actually has value as the huge dog he is. In my opinion, Huerta hasn't looked good on the ground... If Crane can get it on the ground and work his superior grappling, he has a very legit chance of subbing Roger. Its worth a small, maybe very small bet.


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                Im seeing thes fights just as you are Yukon! Damn I cant wait! And yes, my thoughts were correct. kendell has been in vegas with Randy which makes him all the more dangerous! Cote has to land the haymaker or he will be on the losing end of this one. IMO! Good luck guys!!


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                  Originally posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
                  Diego Sanchez a dog at UFC 76?? All over that....

                  For good reason, Jon Fitch is a horrible match up for him. Fitch has much better standup, is definitely stronger on the ground, and is a better wrestler. Fitch is a bigger threat than Koscheck in my opinion.

                  Oh btw, if Gonzaga and Couture go to even money (both at -115 or so), the value shifts to Gabe, no doubt.


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                    I just re-watched the Countdown to 74 show. If there is one thing the UFC is good at, its spinning these fights! If anyone is on the fence about watching the PPV, Its hard to believe they wouldnt want to after watching! Ive been on Randy this whole time, but damn, they sure marketed the hell out of Gonzaga. He looked Great in the show and to hear Joe Rogan tell it, he would kill Fedor? I dont know, I have to chaulk most of that up to good hype, but I have to admitt they have me doubting my pick. At the same time, Randy looks great as well???? I dont know, Im going to stick with the Natural based on heart and conditioning alone. I think it will be a dangerous first two rounds for the champion! If Randy can get it into the 3rd, I think he can wear Gonzaga down.......I hope. With that being said, I wont be suprised to see Gabe end it early. This is the way I see it, if it ends in the 1st or 2nd, we have a new champ, if it goes to the cards, or ends late, Randy shows us again that he has the submission hold on Father time. I personally wouldnt go big either way on this fight. As you guys have pointed out, there is much better value with other fights. DAMN, THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG 8 HOURS..........LOL!!!!!!!!:bang:

                    You'd think I was fighting tonight, as excited as I am......Tonight will be the start of a great 30 plus days for any MMA fan. September is absolutely loaded with GREAT fights. Enjoy, and GOOD LUCK TONIGHT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:beerbang:


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                      They hyped Gonzaga up big time... Rogan was of course paid to say what he did. Fedor would WRECK Gabe... I don't care what anyone says, Crocop would beat Gonzaga in a rematch. Mirko was at probably 50% of what he is capable of in that fight. Josh Barnett would beat gonzaga, Big Nog would beat him, others in the UFC actually could too. Brandon vera, even as a slim HW as TREMENDOUS talent... and coudl probably beat him (sidenote - thank God vera is back). That heavy bag exploding was also a work, that just does not happen lol.

                      Randy is as ready for this fight as he could be, if the fight goes past 3 rounds, I think Couture is going to win because I don't trust Gabe's gas tank, and I definitely know Randy has the stamina.

                      However, Gonzaga is a really bad matchup for Randy. Couture struggles with big guys who are strong grapplers (barnett and ricco come to mind). Should be very interesting to see how it plays out.


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                        I agree Yukon, Joe just kept going on, and on about how Dangerous Gabe is.....LOL!!! They are "Genious" when it comes to Hype! DAMN, I wish they were fighting sooner, Im going nuts! Guess its time to take the kids in the garage and start slamming everyone, applying the subs!!!! LOL!! Im ready to go mow the grass just to kill some time, and thats NUTS! Im as lazy as they come, you know its bad when I want to go do some Yard work????? 9:00, COME ON ALREADY:bang: :bang: :bang:

                        Side note Yukon: Did you catch that Krazy Horse weigh in? Straight comedy, its on the proelite site. Maybe the worst marketing move in the history of mma, putting that show up against the first UFC PPV in nearly 2 months. Do they actually think anyone is going to choose that over Randy vs. Gabe??? Ill be trying to catch that on replay at 2:00 am. Going to be a long nite!!


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                          I just put down to win 4 units on GSP at -236. Line moved to -250 right after so theres either not a lot of money on this fight or another chunk came in the same time as me to move it that dramatically.

                          I also put to win 2 units on Mir @ -166

                          Here's hoping Kos gets KTFO


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                            Looks like I'm opposite of most. Oh well :dunno:

                            GL with GSP, flm....hope he wins for you! I stayed away because of all the chalk.

                            Yukon, Mike....Enjoy , always appreciate your insight!



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                              well i am up for randy and gsp.......i hope clay can get a win as well........ i have three parlays still alive from the last ufc,, hope i hit one:beerbang: good luck guys should be a great card............


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                                Sat 8/25 751 Georges St. Pierre -245
                                11:00PM (EST) 752 Josh Koscheck +205
                                Sat 8/25 753 St. Pierre/Koscheck goes 3 rd distance -105
                                11:00PM (EST) 754 Fight won't go 3 round distance -115
                                Sat 8/25 755 St. Pierre wins inside distance +155
                                11:00PM (EST) 756 Not St. Pierre inside distance -175
                                Sat 8/25 757 St. Pierre wins by 3 rnd decision +205
                                11:00PM (EST) 758 Not St. Pierre by 3 rnd decision -245
                                Sat 8/25 759 Koscheck wins inside distance +525
                                11:00PM (EST) 760 Not Koscheck inside distance -750
                                Sat 8/25 761 Koscheck wins by 3 rnd decision +430
                                11:00PM (EST) 762 Not Koscheck by 3 rnd decision -560
                                Sat 8/25 763 St. Pierre/Koscheck draw +5000
                                11:00PM (EST) 764 Fight not a draw -12500
                                Sat 8/25 771 St. Pierre wins in round 1 +380
                                11:00PM (EST) 772 Any other result -475
                                Sat 8/25 773 St. Pierre wins in round 2 +620
                                11:00PM (EST) 774 Any other result -940
                                Sat 8/25 775 St. Pierre wins in round 3 +1000
                                11:00PM (EST) 776 Any other result -1500
                                Sat 8/25 777 Koscheck wins in round 1 +1100
                                11:00PM (EST) 778 Any other result -1700
                                Sat 8/25 779 Koscheck wins in round 2 +1575
                                11:00PM (EST) 780 Any other result -3150
                                Sat 8/25 781 Koscheck wins in round 3 +2300
                                11:00PM (EST) 782 Any other result -4600
                                Sat 8/25 801 Joe Stevenson -300
                                10:40PM (EST) 802 Kurt Pellegrino +250
                                Sat 8/25 803 Roger Huerta -410
                                10:25PM (EST) 804 Alberto Crane +330
                                Sat 8/25 805 Kendall Grove -240
                                10:10PM (EST) 806 Patrick Cote +200
                                Sat 8/25 807 Frank Mir -175
                                8:15PM (EST) 808 Antoni Hardonk +155
                                Sat 8/25 809 Renato "Babalu" Sobral -230
                                8:15PM (EST) 810 David Heath +190
                                Sat 8/25 811 Clay Guida -125
                                8:15PM (EST) 812 Marcus Aurelio +105
                                Sat 8/25 813 Ryan Jensen +245
                                8:15PM (EST) 814 Thales Leites -290
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