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  • Boom Boom Saturday

    Bautista @ +130
    2 To Pay 2.6

    Fight is in Bautista's backyard. Ponce De Leon is too slow for my liking. Just sloppy as well. Slow and sloppy. I hope Bautista slaughters this over hyped bum.

    Bautista is faster, has better footwork, hits harder and is in his hometown. +130, I like it.

    Two Phillipino's on tonights card. One has to win. Penalosa is too old but he is always game.

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    Well, thats a quick way to drop 2 units. Have your fighter get TKO'd in the first round.
    Ha, that sucked...

    That body shot by Penalosa too. Who would have thought?


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      Tough break V3! Two good fights IMO. Thats two weekends in a row where I truly enjoyed the fights! Been a while since I could say that. GET EM NEXT TIME BUDDY!!!


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        The Penalosa fight got pretty boring. Then one body shot and it was all over. I was pretty shocked. 3.5 to 1 underdog.

        De Leon brought his A game. I still don't think too highly of De Leon. I heard Bautista had a glass jaw but damn...