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    i think iam ok now,i could have chewed on nails last night............hang it up chuck!!!!!!!! the funny thing is i had jardine and forrest together on a few parlays but i had to add other fights........just didnt have the combos the right way..............the rua line alone had me worried,,drops 100 bucks you know something is going on.... but chuck losing to jardine??? ruined again by one fight,the story of my life............


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      hey mike maybe i can be of some help,, i can give my picks,, you guys fade me and atleast someone wins:beerbang: what do you think of that idea?


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        Very weird, yet cool card....

        Almost every fight went like I thought it would. Fitch won for the exact reasoning I gave, Tyson did the same. Lyoto won with a somewhat boring performance like I said. Jardine pulled it out with the strategy I said...

        WITH THAT SAID, lol... I still am very surprised Chuck blew it. Am I suprised Shogun lost? Yes a little. But I'll tell you what, I kinda saw this coming. Shogun didn't seem to have the right motivation. It isn't that Pride fighters suck, its motivation. Look at Liddell, he lost too, probably cause of motivation. Shogun was fat 2 months ago, AND he got married recently. Shogun flat out was not in shape. It wasnt a skills thing as I still think Shogun is a more dynamic fighter. Griffin beat him with conditioning...and until these pride ****ers realize you gotta come in the best shape of your life, they're gonna lose. Look at Anderson Silva and Rampage, they had a **** ton of motivation, and were properly trained, and have looked badass.

        Dan Henderson, another Pride fighter, looked great against quinton... dan has the right training partners, as WELL as being hungry as hell and conditioned properly.

        Shogun will be back for sure. One thing is for sure though, the way 76 played out, zuffa has gotta be pissed, they lost so much revenue in potential future matchups hahaha.


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          still cant get over how bad rogan sucks ,how many times did he call shogun ninja??? he must be on drugs or something.........last time crocop fought he was calling him fedor........getting like monday night football,have to start turning down the volume.......i do hope they feed gump to rampage next,i feel real good about that, be nice too see both his eyes swollen shut:beerbang:


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            Originally posted by No1mikefan View Post
            Is that the "Dont bet against the undefeated white guy" system? LOL!! you and I have both been burned with that one. The Jeff Lacey fight, Pavlick and somebody else got us if I remember correctly???? Should be a damn good fight and Im looking forward to it.
            Good LUCK
            Yup, thats the one.
            I took Lacy of Calzaghe and Miranda over Pavlik. Then I developed the "system" and have gone 2-0. Ibragimov over Briggs and Hatton over Castillo.

            So since I've been playing it, its 2-0
            Taking Pavlik over Taylor, to go 3-0

            By the way, I gave in this morning and am playing the Dallas/Chicago Under. 3 weeks down the drain.


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              Will they not have Jardine vs. Griffin, the winner facing Rampage? Thats what I assumed anyways.
              NCAA Picks: 3-3-1
              NCAA POTW: 1-0
              NCAA Teaser: 1-0

              Teasers are not counted in overall record.

              UFC: 4-1


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                Originally posted by Masterblaker View Post
                Will they not have Jardine vs. Griffin, the winner facing Rampage? Thats what I assumed anyways.
                That would make the most sense to me. Yes, these guys both had impressive wins on sat. but I dont think it gets them an automatic title shot. Let them rematch and see which one of them wants it more. Then, who knows? I wouldnt mind watching Rampage fight them. But what to do with Wandy??? You know they have to get him in the mix somehow. You know the UFC match makers are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell happened this weekend. Talk about a mess!:nuts:

                We'll see.


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                  i have an idea maybe they should do a handicap match,, put the two bums in with jackson,,and let him beat the **** out of them at once,, now that would make sense to me:beerbang: ok just kidding,, i dont care what the **** happens as long as jackson fights gump at some point...and closes both his eyes, ****en rua and chuckee cheeze should be ashamed of themselves ...............:glass:


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                    Hell yea, better yet, make it a scaffold match! Maybe an I quit match. We could watch both those lame ass clowns grab the mic and say....."I QUIT" that would be hillarious. Either way Bruce Buffer would be saying, "AND STILL....." Thinking back to this weekend, it just makes me sick to my stomach. There were so many potential match ups that I was looking forward too. Obviously mohawk vs. Wandy, and maybe Shogun vs. Rampage, but now what? I still cannot believe what a ******* mess the 205 divison has become in such a short time. DAMN:bang: :bang: I have absolutely zero patience and cant wait to find out who will fight who and when. As a fan its driving me nuts trying to guess, and listen to all these ******* rumors! Damn you internet forum b.s.:nuts: Dont get me wrong, I love to see the upsets, and watching Mohawk boy lose two in a row was like christmas for me, but it did more harm than good in totally turning possible match ups inside out. OK fellas, Im done venting, I feel much better now! I guess 2008 is shaping up to be one wild ass year, It will be hard to top 2007, we have seen just about EVERYTHING, huh guys?????

                    one confused ass MMA fan........................