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    Flash Posting And You...

    The above link is a self help video. No rules would be complete with out Billy's "Billy" video


    This forum is for grown folks. If you act like an ass you will be banned and you can go post in an ass forum, but this ain't it. If you act like a little boy, you will have to find a little boy forum. This ain't it. There are alot of mature cappers here and some that will make there way here eventually that we do not need chump styles.

    DO NOT post a lock or guranteed win. Or anything that is along these lines.

    Please do not sign up just to give praise and thanks to another capper. If you want to sign up and post some plays, fine. This is a handicapping site, not a kiss ass site. And do not start a poll unless you are posting plays. If you are a capper here, you have a free reign to do as you please. This is not a chat room.

    Here's a lock, if you post a racial slur, you will be banned. Bank it Dano. No exceptions to this rule.

    If you are a Handicapping Service, unfortunately you may not post anywhere in this forum. (emphasis on not post anywhere)

    If you are not Kevin, Jerbeek, Mike, Fish or Fly you have no clout here. No matter how long you have been here or how many mulligans you think you have, your only fooling yourself.

    Please do not post any links to any services or any other forums, email addresses or phone #.

    We have a lot of posters here that have their own cliques. Please make sure that when you joke with someone, they are a bud of yours. This has caused probs in the past and even tho we knew you were joking, sometimes the poster that some were joking with did'nt see it that way and it turned into a pissing match and wasn't pretty.

    Please do not clutter up the sports forums with needless threads. In the next few months, we expect that there will be so many cappers here that it will take up the whole page. General Discussion is there for a reason.

    If a new guy asks a question, help him out. Hes a new guy for cryin' out loud. His questions might be stupid to you, but I ain't forgot that I was a newbie at one time myself. They could very well end up being better cappers than alot of us with the right tutilage.

    If you want to **** with your buds and call them a mthrfkr or bassard or something, make sure your his/her bud.

    This is your forum, do as you please. Just don't hurt no one in the process. I recommend that you post your record of your plays in your picks thread. But you do not have to.

    If you have been drinking and you know that your an ******* when you drink, take a break from posting till you feel better. LMFAO and boy do we have a bunch of drunks in this joint. Me being the king of the drunks. Kevin has been with me when I was on a three day drunk. I had a beer from the time I woke up till I went to bed. He knows I'm a happy drunk.

    Please do not start a thread asking where someone is. You may in the GD forum, but not the sports forums.

    We refs are not ban happy, but we will ban your ass if you leave us no choice.

    Lets make the first year here at Predictem the best year ever. It takes more effort to be an ashole that it does to be nice.

    A winning night or a winning streak does not make you "Da Man". If you have an ego problem, go post in an ego forum. This ain't it.

    You can have fun without bashing someone.

    If you stumble across a thread with posters fighting, do not get involved. They will be dealt with and you will be too if you get into it. I'm sure you will see that we are not going to ban folks left and right. Everyone has a small mulligan somewhere. LOL You will find that we (the refs) are very patient. We would rather you stay than go. You'll only go if you leave us no choice.

    If you came here from another forum, leave you past record there. You starting a new slate here and so is your YTD. And for christs sake, be honest with your YTD. Only plays that are posted. No phantom plays or I bet it but did'nt post it.

    Do not post a line of your local with your play unless it is the same as the offshore line. Manipulations of lines to make yourself win to look good will not be tolerated. If you have to go Free Sports Picks Monitor - Football Office Pools to get a line, do so. But no more being two or three pts off the real line. I don't care who you are. If your a punk kid trying to be a man, you'll need to go to a punk kid forum, this ain't it.

    Do not start a thread to tell everyone you won a bet. You therefore fall into the punk kid category.

    GL to all ya rat bassards. Lets make this the best forum ever.
    If its fun, do it

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    It is now a rule that you must post a line with your pick. If you post a team, post the line as well. Please keep a record of wins and losses. It takes less than 30 seconds to add up your plays.
    If its fun, do it


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      Please just post your winners and losers in your YTD. If you bet 5 units on a game, that does not constitute 5 in your win column. Ya'll know damn well I cain't spell Column. Don't even look like a real word LOL
      If its fun, do it


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        Please remove me going to stay with eog and sbr. Handicappers there no slam cappers like here