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  • Harmonious NCAA Weds

    Nice little breather taken this week as the kids take "exams", haha... Didn't play anything Monday or Tuesday and just a couple for tonight. Best of luck everyone!!!

    Sides: 66-48-4 (+13.2 units)
    Totals: 6-9 (-3.9 units)
    Teases: 7-5 (+1.4 units)
    YTD: 79-62-4 (+10.7 units)

    1 UNIT
    Cincinnati/Xavier UNDER 138. Cincy only averages 53ppg in straight roadies, while XU only gives up 59ppg at home.
    Vanderbilt (-3). I'll be shocked if this play comes though quite honesty. Stiff and BB have a winner in DePaul me thinks for some reason.
    Vanderbilt/DePaul UNDER 154.5 First road game, think Vandy struggles to score in spurts, don't think DePaul wants to run with them either.

    Maryland (-1)/Massachusetts (+11.5)/Santa Clara (+1)

    Like Santa Clara too, but hoped it fell. Not looking like it will so might add it later. They have been serious road warriors this year, playing almost every single game away from home. I think they could really light Pacific up tonight with Bryant,Angley, Henke and company coming home.


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    GL Cuse :thumbs:


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      GL Cuse......The Mitt will have some Santa Clara as well.....:thumbs:
      Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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        gl tonight cuse was looking at santa clara and umass myself....
        To A Phillies World Series :beerbang:

        Flyers and Eagles --- its your turn:beerbang:

        1 unit=25 dollars
        2 units=50, etc.. and so on


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          GL Cuse... :beerbang:
          Go Boilers!
          thru 2/3

          NCAAF ’20 215-187-5 +75.19
          NCAAF ’21 200-169-7 +37.80
          NCAAF '22 239-216-14 +24.41

          NFL ’20 128-110-8 +50.21
          NFL ’21 94-102-3 -15.37
          NFL '22 186-165-9 +54.63

          NCAAB ’21-22 908-771-42 +196.07
          NCAAB '22-23 510-488-9 -43.13

          NHL '20-21 171-154-2 +42.97
          NHL ’21-22 223-241-5 -65.79
          NHL '22-23 153-149-3 -21.97

          NBA ’20-21 241-223-7 +11.97
          NBA ’21-22 282-266-6 -1.93
          NBA '22-23 225-246-9 -94.88


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            cuse i need you to get on some of these newbie's cases. get them outta here.


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              Originally posted by Daws1089 View Post
              cuse i need you to get on some of these newbie's cases. get them outta here.

              That's homedawg's job. I patrol grammar. :thumbs:

              Plus, this NCAAB Fourm has been devoid of crap, IMHO. If they come in here, I will not so subtly.... well......


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                thnx maryland

                God I hate the Terps. :puke:


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                  don't feel like making a new thread

                  Thursday night

                  1 UNIT
                  Mississippi State (-5.5). The only teams MSU has lost to are very good teams. Miami has only played 1 true road game so far, and that was at FIU who isn't exactly a basketball powerhouse. Starkville is not an easy place to go into and win, and I look for a good performance from the Bulldogs tonight at home as they are the better team. I also like all the money coming in on Miami. Haven't looked, but from this board it seems the poublic might be on Miami, which I think is nuts considering they are traditionally a very bad road team.

                  Miami FL/Mississippi State OVER 134. I think the Dogs put up a healthy number tonight at home. They've put up 75+ in every home game to date, only losing to Clemson 82-84. Miami hasn't been scoring a lot, but I'm hoping that they get sucked into the pace MSU wants to dictate.