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  • saturday

    49-40-4 +10.1 units

    I like about 20 sides tomarrow, i honestly could make 20 bets 2marrow. of course i rarely make more than 5 plays in a single day, so i need to start narrowing it down. there is one particular play that stands out to me.

    ILLINOIS vs purdue= i am pretty confident illinois takes this game at home. not locking it in overnight because early action is on purdue so could end up with more line value. illinois desperately needs a win in this spot at home, and have revenge too. purdue is 7-1 in conference and real impressive, but still real young and come off a real sluggish win vs iowa. Illinois lead for a large part of the game at purdue, and i think we see a more complete performance at home in this spot. either 2 or 3 unit play right here

    V TECH vs uva= singletary i dont beleive is 100%, he went off big in the home loss to the hokies. if he's off here the hokies could blow them out imo. uva doesnt have much going for it right now, v tech already beat them onthe road.

    CINCY vs marq= i am shocked by how well cincy has played. i sure as hell would not back marquette on the road, i think cincy takes this one. despite cincy being real tough to beat at home, and their dominant win at west v, more action will probably come in on the ranked golden eagles. cincy may give them a golden shower 2marrow.

    PEPPERDINE vs usf= sutton still going for #800. usf flat out blows tho. pepperdine, instead of falling apart after their coach resigned, has played 3 solid games since. read some encouraging about the way the interim coach has handled things, i like where this teams head is at right now. at home i dont see the dons scoring enough to keep up. they are 2-10 on the road. i'll likely lay a few

    UCONN vs pitt= surprised uconn isnt ranked yet, gott give them at look at home, though pitt is ranked uconn has looked like the better team lately

    ARKANSAS vs fla= young gators are clearly very talented but after finally getting ranked i think they could come down to earth a little in this spot, i may lay off and hope they win so i can fade them at tennessee.

    PROVIDENCE vs west virg= how will huggins' boys squad respond after 20% shooting vs cincy. i cant imagine they'd play with too much confidence here. ND is real tough to beat at home and the friars really could have won that game, which has me seriously considering backing them at home. they need a win here bad

    WASH STATE vs stanford= gotta give wazzou a look in trying to avoid back to back home losses. i still think the stanford that we saw in 1st half of ASU game will show up again real soon. could be on the road vs a great defensive team that will be in bounce back mode. i do beleive wazzou is a bit overrated but a play on them here seems justifiable imo

    8 leans there, all home teams, none laying more than 5 points at the moment. i will not play all of them and need to eliminate some. unfortunately, those are not the only games i must eliminate.

    INDY ST vs drake= sold out crowd will be on hand i believe as i read that free tickets were given out because some rich alum bought them all i think. they are somewhat at matched but could be a live home dog. drake is undefeated in conference and will lose sometime soon imo, they arent far and away better than their opponents

    UCF vs houston= puzzled by how they played vs uab, but houston getting too much respect onthe road imo. need to look more into this

    UCLA vs zona= the bruins have looked great lately,at home i think they pose matchup problems for zona. however zona has been hot lately.

    URI vs dayton= dayton could be in trouble here, they are suspect onthe road right now since they are missing players who played big role intheir early season success

    SAN JOSE ST vs new mex st= after getting their ass kicked at hawaii, the aggies are in tough spot travelling to san jose. they seemed to be in disarray at hawaii, however they are def more talented and more athletic, sj st without best player i think, may be enough to keep me off the spartans tho they seem like live dog

    thats it for home teams

    JMU at gmason= jmu has been falling apart lately, but they still have the talent hang with gmason, getting a lot of points here worth a look

    UMASS vs st louis= i dont think much of the billikins, but they are 10 times better at home as opposed to on the road. the fact they beat uri at home may be enough to keep me off the publicly backed umassians on the road. they ar the better team imo tho

    NORTHEASTERN at drexel= if line holds under 3 then books are inviting heavy drexel action imo. the public is all over drexel, but they fail to take into account the fact that drexel has lost 7 of 8, are 2-8 in CAA play, and lost the northeastern by 34 freakin points already. as im writing this i realized this will def be a play. NU comes off a nice road win at d ware

    seton hall and rutgers are interesting big dogs, def worth a look, while texas tech and tcu just about round out the leans

    as you can see, i got some serious work to do in order to narrow the slate down.

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    on another note, anyone know what that thumbs down thing next to my thread subject is all about?


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      Originally posted by TheBeholdah View Post
      on another note, anyone know what that thumbs down thing next to my thread subject is all about?
      It means :out:

      Haha, just kidding. You must have clicked it accidentally somehow????? GL today B!!!


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        cuse :laughing:

        1 unit

        CINCY ML +120 vs marq= marquette has sucked on the road in conference play, hopefully that trend continues agasinst the surging bearcats


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          damn 15-2 marquette run to end the half, cincy 28% shooting, hope they get it together soon


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            2 units

            ILLINOIS-5 vs purdue


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              1 unit

              WAZZOU-4 vs stan= looking for the cougs to get back on track at home. they shot really poorly vs cal and still were right in the game. they are down at the hlaf alot so i did consider waiting till half but dont wanna take the chance.


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                not the saturday i had in mind, another miserable shooting night for wazzou although they've been in position to cover all game. and seemed like a come back down to earth game for purdue but they are proving me wrong big

                1 unit

                NORTHEASTERN ML+105 at drexel


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                  o man really not my day, i was only playing neastern because i thought the public was all over the crappy drexel team but i had it backwards. this is the worst bball game i've ever seen. seriously, neastern has 5 points with around 7 mins left in 1st half, and they're only down 5! :laughing:


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                    1 unit

                    PROVIDENCE +0.5 2nd half