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Steamroller going to roll once again Friday!

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  • Steamroller going to roll once again Friday!

    As I said on my NBA card, I want to apologize for my card yesterday. I am a Police Officer and yesterday was court day, and I work night shift so I was really rushed to put in my picks, but also some bad beats with Pitt winning by 1 and Illinois 2OT!!!!

    Steamroller gets back on track tonight cause I got all weekend off and will definately rebound this weekend.

    Going to bed now and will post when I get up.

    See yall in awhile, Later guys

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    How is Pitt a "bad beat", when they giving 3 points and won on a last second shot? :dunno:


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      That blaire guy for pitt missed at least 5 pt blank shots, including an uncontested dunk


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        I really hate NCAABB on Friday Nights, so small card for me tonight!!


        Only 2 that I somewhat like and Im going to play small

        Niagara +7.5

        St. Mary's -19

        Dont like playing on Friday Night. I believe I have a great NBA card tonight!!!

        Save on the NCAA and trust me, we'll bust em WIDE OPEN TOMMORROW!!!!!!


        NBA 5-3 STEAMROLLER 3-0

        NCAABB 5-4 STEAMROLLER 1-1

        NHL 1-1 STEAMROLLER 1-0



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          dude- seriously you try way too hard and are looking for way too much attention. just post your plays and if you do well, trust me, people will notice. there are guys on this site who have been here for years and are great cappers and don't self promote themselves, so take a lesson from those guys. and PITT wasn't a bad beat it was a bad play as cuse need to ever appologize either....:thumbs:

          this forum is basically a good group of guys that gets along and posts what they are playing. some guys do writeups, some keep records, some do both. i looked at that CBS place you post to see what it was about and it's a bunch of chest thumpers, name callers and screamers looking for someone to pat them on the back. that's not the way things go here. just post your plays (reading the rules wouldn't hurt either), post honest numbers that others can get, quit getting your thread ready to tell everyone you'll be back later with plays and you'll do fine.

          GL!...i hate fridays too....:thumbs:.....
          I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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            Pitt was far from a bad beat. WVU was winning the entire game, and Pitt won on a last second shot.

            I will agree on Illinois though. That Pruitt fool missing all those free throws that would have iced the game ATS, and the fact that the refs seemed to be siding with Indiana at the end were tough to swallow. I mean there were countless travels and offensive fouls on Indiana that were never called....even the announcers were bitching.

            Oh, and that bank shot 3 that the Indiana guy made was ridiculous too. He misses that, and it's all but lights out for Indiana. Bad beats all around in that game for Illinois backers.

            And you're right, Friday cards suck


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              no Cleveland steamer tonight :bang: :bang: :bang:

              good luck on the IVY :beerbang:
              ****all plays 4.4 units to win 4 units unless otherwise noted****

              NBA 20-22 -16.8 units
              NHL 1-0 +4.0 units
              MLB 0-1 -4.8 units
              CFB 12-6-1 +21.6 units


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                FB, when you get ready to post your plays, post em. Please do not start another thread that you will post your plays later. GL with your plays chief
                If its fun, do it