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  • Harmonious NCAAB Weds

    Nice, tidy 11 pack for tonight, haha... Who stole one of my beers?? Best of luck tonight fellas.

    Sides: 179-144-8 (+20.5 units)
    Totals: 18-17-1 (-0.7 units)
    YTD: 197-161-9 (+19.8 units)

    1 UNIT
    Indiana (-3.5). Two best players on the court play for IU. I heard it's "Win One For Your Cheater Coach Night" too.
    Maryland (+11). Always play Duke tough at Cameron, and not right now.
    Maryland/Duke UNDER 159. Just think it falls barely below this, not real reason honestly.
    Rhode Island (+1.5). They need this one, I think their athleticism gets it done tonight in a tight one.
    Notre Dame (+5). Talked myself into it, it's all up to 3 pointers and Harangody getting into Thabeet's chest and creating fouls.
    Notre Dame/Connecticut OVER 151. First one to 80 wins?
    Southern Illinois (-3). SIU is 8-1 at home since Dec 22nd and only loss was Graves ridiculous shot for Butler.
    Mississippi (+1). Only one road hiccup all season really in terms of playing bad, but they need to control Hendrix.
    Baylor (Pk). I like their guard play and I think they are just flat out better than OSU and not getting much respect.
    Illinois State (-6.5). Not happy it's 6.5, but their home-road records nearly mirror each other at like 8-1 and 1-8 (ish).
    Arkansas (+10). Beverley has been playing better and UT has tendencies to play very sloppy for extended periods of games.

    Might play the Houston/Memphis OVER, but nothing from 9pm on excites me really.


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    gl Cuse!


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      Good luck Cuse.
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        gl tonight cuse, like maryland alot tonight too, just feel they are catching too many points tonight, these games are always close, hopefully it dont change tonight, i also like
        ND as well, think they should hang with UConn if not win
        To A Phillies World Series :beerbang:

        Flyers and Eagles --- its your turn:beerbang:

        1 unit=25 dollars
        2 units=50, etc.. and so on


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          It kills me to say this, but Duke is ******* good. They have so many shooters, and they play hard on defense. Their whole game is drive and kick, so I almost think it's better to play zone against them and extend it so you eliminate the driving. They aren't going to pound it inside, because they have no low post game. And i KNOW GOING ZONE AGAINST A TEAM OF SHOOTERS SOUNDS ASS BACKWARDS, BUT IF YOU CAN'T STOP THE PENETRATION OF pAULUS AND nELSON THEN PLAYING MAN TO MAN IS WORSE, imho. Even if they aren't always playing defense well, they play hard on every possession.

          This 2H could get ugly, real fast.

          (i know the caps are all ****ed up, but i dont feel like fixing it, haha)
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            Ugh, having a "Boling Stiffler" night... 2 one point losses from dogs that were covering a majority of the game and no idea how URI collapsed and is now going to lose in OT.

            Good thing I played the two totals, wow... :bang:


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              Originally posted by CuseFan10 View Post
              Ugh, having a "Boling Stiffler" night... 2 one point losses

              at least you won't have to endure that with BAY....:laughing:.....

              i can't believe anyone layed 5 points with your Orangemen tonight on the road....i mean i didn't want the other side, but laying 5 on the road with teams like SYR is a quick trip to the poor house.

              GL!...on the rest....i have LBSU tonight...hold your nose and play it game...
              I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                Cuse.. BET THE HUSKS AND MAKE THAT $$$$$$


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                  Originally posted by HuskyDomains View Post
                  Cuse.. BET THE HUSKS AND MAKE THAT $$$$$$
                  The should have never covered that, but nice job by them and Calhoun this season. Calhoun might win COach of the year if they keep winning. Brutal loss for Syracuse tonight too, that might really haunt them come Selection Sunday. They have incredible SOS's so once again they should be an interesting case.

                  3-7-1 tonight, OUCH. SIU pushing hurt, and two one point losses with doggies and then the URI collapse.



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                    Explain to me how we go from losing to teams like Providence to winning 7 in a row against 3 or 4 ranked opponents??


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                      Originally posted by HuskyDomains View Post

                      Explain to me how we go from losing to teams like Providence to winning 7 in a row against 3 or 4 ranked opponents??
                      AJ Price finally grew up. Thabeet, sans tonight, keeps imrpoving rapidly. Those would be my two biggest reasons I think. Kudos to them, nice job this year.