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JoePa's Spring Has Sprung NIT Tuesday Woods

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  • JoePa's Spring Has Sprung NIT Tuesday Woods

    Thankfully today is the 1st day of if only the weather would cooperate!

    UPDATED YTD: 146 - 101 - 6
    UNITS: +38
    Monday: 0 - 3 WTF:bang:

    OVER 151 Florida State/Mississippi State

    OVEN MITT YTD: 39 - 30
    Monday: 0 - 1 NIT
    FLORIDA STATE +5.5 @ Mississippi State

    GL to ya....:glass:
    Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:

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    yea it was a bad day yesterday, i followed your picks and got killed to. all the profit from the weekend went bye bye:nuts: but it happens,, Gl today..

    MLB 24-13 :thumbs:


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      GL joepa I'm sure you and the mitt will get back on track today:beerbang:
      Every Bet is a good Bet win or lose you still get some action

      1 unit=$100

      NBA 0-0

      NCAABB 0-0

      NFL 0-0

      NCAAFB 5-8 -8 units


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        GL today Joepa:beerbang:


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          GL Today Joepa !


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            Take the Cash

            I am trailing on this one

            Do you have anything on the W.VA game.

            Gl Joe Pa


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              GL Joey :thumbs:


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                GL Joepa
                NFL 0-0 +0.00units

                NCAAF 8-10 -9.20units


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                  gl joepa
                  NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
                  NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
                  NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
                  NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


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                    good luck joe pa. lets get em back tonight.


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                      gl joepa ... al thornton should make the mitt look great again today
                      To A Phillies World Series :beerbang:

                      Flyers and Eagles --- its your turn:beerbang:

                      1 unit=25 dollars
                      2 units=50, etc.. and so on


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                        GL to night Joe. Get em back tonight. You better hit these tonight cause I am doubling up. Putting 100K to get back that 50K that YOU lost me last night LMAO!
                        Last edited by NCSUWolfpack; 03-20-2007, 02:12 PM. Reason: saw the 50K on the yesterday's thread
                        NFL 1-2-0 -1.1 units
                        NCAAF 13-22-0 -13.5 units

                        "I asked a ref if he could give me a technical foul for thinking bad things about him. He said, of course not. I said, well, I think you stink. And he gave me a technical. You can't trust 'em." - Jim Valvano


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                          GL Joe Pa

                          Been following you guys since the ult. capper forum. Learning the board etiquette before i posted and laughed my balls off when soemone posted L word. Too many times have I been crushed by that one. And plus I had to register just too see THE MITT. Anyway I'm going to ride your tails tonite on FSU and over. GL all.


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                            No such thnig as L

                            My bad with the L-Word wont happen again...

                            Joepa weather or not you know it you have made me a ton of cash even withh yesterdays happens to all of us and i want you to know i listen to you like its the Bible! Good luck 2night Big Guy.


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                              GL tonight JP... :nuts:
                              Overall Records

                              Each play is to win the # of units posted unless it's a dog then I'm betting that amount.