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  • Fyi

    Wanted to make all aware of a situation in the ULM/Arkansas state game tonight. Neither team is very good and ASU has lost several in a row, as well as their coach 2 games ago.

    Tonight is the last night that the "indian' mascot will be used at ASU and it will be a farewell to the indian, so to speak. Many alumni are coming in for this one and from what I understand from some of the students, the team is fired up.

    Like I said, they are not very good, but neither is ULM. I'll take ASU -3 1/2 for my only post of the year.

    GL to you all!!!!:thumbs:

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    Well, I hope if you read this thread in time you made the play.


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      Good stuff. After reading this I decided to parlay Ark St on the ML with Wisconsin on the ML.

      Nice call :thumbs:


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        congrats Stiff!!! I just played them straight up. My son goes to school there and is friends with a couple of the players. They were pretty fired up.

        They are going to be the Wolves or Red Wolves next year. Nearly all of the former indian mascots were on hand tonight. One of those "intangibles" that you'd like to know before every game.


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          Well done. That's the kind of info I like to know. I didn't see your post until it was too late.