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  • If Bill Self..

    wins the title Monday night, does he take the job at Ok St?

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    Guess he'd have to REALLY like "home". I mean, it's not like Kansas is far from Oklahoma. Why would anyone go down in their profession unless they REALLY like "home".

    My guess is yes he does (if they win). They are going to have massive departures this year too from graduation ad the NBA.


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      Well the "reason" would be the PILE and I mean PILE of cash that T. Boone Pickens will put in the pocket of Bill Self if he takes the job and goes back home.

      They are talking about investments worth 250 million bucks over the next 10 years or some crazy **** like addition to a guranteed salary of 50 Million over the 10 years (5 Million per year). That package could come out to 30 Million per year for 10 years if the oil investments keep doing what they are currently doing.

      The highest paid college coach right now is Billy Donovan at Florida at 3.5 Million per year.
      If it ain't fun, don't do it!


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        Word is on the street here is that Gillespe will take the job if Self doesn't....

        I think if Self wins the game tonight, he bolts for OSU.......He made some interesting comments about a coach liking to 'fix things' and OSU, needs some fixing right now.
        His wife is from Stillwater, and with his ties there it makes sense....

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          Saw today $6 million signing bonus and $4 million a year is the offer. Not sure about any of that "investment" stuff. Also heard someone say he won't take it... I'll believe it when I see it.


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            if he wins tonight, will most likely use it as lverage and get a fat raise out of kansas


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              I listen to KC sports radio online from time to time, and one of the guys yesterday was saying that Boone might be sweetening the pot by offering a percentage of his energy hedge fund!?!? He is a billionaire (estimated over 3 billion) and can't spend his money faster than he is making it. For those that didn't know, all the oil companies have been posting ABSURD record profits, and ExxonMobil last year posted the largest total profit for any corporation in the world EVER- 39.5 BILLION!!!!

              Just read this short excerpt about T. Boone, and realize he has said flat out that money is of no concern and he simply is going to throw it at Okie State to ensure they are top notch in Football and Basketball:

              Pickens founded BP Capital and has a 46% interest in the company which runs two hedge funds, Capital Commodity
              and Capital Equity, both of which invest primarily in oil and natural gas. In 2006 Pickens earned $990 million
              from his equity in the two funds and $120 million from his share of the 20% fees applied to fund profits

              Total speculation of course, and probably not really going to happen- but that has the potential to be money so absurdly high and continually paying for generations that not only would provide for your kids and their kids but essentially limitless....

              I don't think he'd leave simply for a mildly larger payout, but if you're talking about that sort of opportunity- how would one NOT cash in that lottery ticket
              If it ain't fun, don't do it!