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  • saturday

    1-0 +2u

    locked this in early

    1 unit

    PORTLAND STATE-5 at rice= psu is much more talented, they may take a while to develop chemistry since they're breakin in some key new players, all 3 of their new transfer players played well in their exhibition game tho and this team should be solid. Dominguez is the best player on the court in this game,i saw him play a couple times last yr and he is really quick and a great player even tho hes real short. rice's leading returning scorer shot under 30% last year, they should be a terrible team again this year. this is their first game in their new arena so they'll be up for the game i would imagaine, but psu is far more talented and should win this game.
    i was gonna make this a 2 unit play since i think this is a double digit win, but i have a bad feelingit'll be close at half in which case i'll likely add a unit at the half, i cant see this rebuilding rice team being able to play well for 40 minutes

    gl all :thumbs:
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    well that one stings, cant beleive that game middled, opened at -5, closed at -3 and game decided by 4. missed ft's in last minute killed this one
    every 1 point loss sucks but this one blows even more cuz A) i backed out of adding a unit at the half, which would have canceled this out, B) this would have been a winner had i not locked it in early, im gonna drink this one off 2nite hhaha