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NCAAB 11/23

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  • NCAAB 11/23

    NCAAB: 36-29-7 (+31.05 units)

    I might have a couple of more. I'm still waiting to be paid out on a big soccer wager that won this morning so right now just these two. ****ty day yesteday so hopefully a bit of a rebound. These should be two good games with 4 solid teams. I just expect both UConn and Memphis to be way too strong inside then there counterparts and both UConn and Memphis are both a little more consistent.

    5* Memphis (-5) (-110) Over Xavier
    4* UConn (-5) (-110) Over Miami

    Good Luck to All!!!!

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    Good luck, Corey.

    Like the Memphis pick...but for different reasons. I think X can match Memphis down low with Brown, McClean, Frease, Love and Anderson. I don't think X's guards will be able to handle the pressure from Memphis' long and rangy backcourt players. Turnovers by X will lead to guaranteed easy buckets for Memphis. X needs to slow down the tempo, hit the boards, try to get to the free throw line and hope this game is close down the stretch....then hope that memphis continues to miss free throws while X continues to make them.

    I've got to be honest...I thought the line would be higher than -5. Joe Public is hitting Memphis at over 75% and the line hasn't moved at Pinnacle.....seems a little fishy to me. I would think that the public would pound memphis at -6 or even -7....

    Either way, best of luck.
    "You come at the King, you best not miss." Omar


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      Good points X! Just think Xavier has been fortunate so far in there wins. Good Luck!!!!:thumbs:

      3* Portland (ML +105) Over UC-Davis
      3* North Texas (ML +170) Over Indiana St.
      3* Illinois St. (-4) (-110) Over SMU - 1st Half
      3* Missouri/USC Over 140 (-120) - Bought 1/2 pt

      Good Luck to All!!!!


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        gl today, looking into UNT myself, indy st sucks gl :thumbs:


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          Recap: 5-1 (+12.75 units)

          NCAAB: 41-30-7 (+43.8 units)

          Good Luck to All!!!!