Going to give the A10 a shot tonight....no work today so I had some time to look at some of these games....

2 units each

LaSalle -7.5 -- GW has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory the last two games against Dayton and URI at home....Hobbs is on his way out and I think the last two heart breaking defeats have taken what heart GW had left. LaSalle isn't a bad team and I think they win by DD's tonight at home.

St. Joe/Richmond -- pass....St. Joe is inconsistent and Richmond can be tough at home. Richmond coming off a nice road win @ SLU. Would lean Richmond at home as a small fave....but Nivens scares the poop out of me.

2 team tease
Bonaventure -6.5/Temple +7 -- Bona good at home and Fordham seemed to give up against Duquesne on Saturday. Temple playing as well as anyone in the A10 right now but being overshadowed by X. Big game for both teams....URI needs this one at home....but I think it will be close.

Xavier -12/Georgetown -2 -- Charlotte is in a downward spiral and X is playing good ball right now. Charlotte had some travel issues with getting to Cincy with the snow storm....Had to fly into Dayton late last night, stay in Dayton overnight (yuck!) and then charter a bus down to Cincy today amid level 3 snow emergencies....I think those types of things can drain a team. Think X wears down the 49ers tonight, but teased it down to avoid a backdoor cover. Nobody will be at the UC game tonight because of the weather here....little to no homecourt advantage for the Bearcats. Georgetown has gotten some heat lately in the press as being overrated (and maybe they are), but I think they take the Bearcats tonight.