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Time to put an end to my misery

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  • Time to put an end to my misery

    Best Bets (26-31)(-24.30)
    Strong Plays (37-32)(+3.60)
    Regular Plays (62-61)(-5.10)

    Overall (125-124)(-25.80)

    Did not play anything on Sunday. Friday I went 1-5 and lost another nine units. My record now at an all time worst. Hard to believe a month or so ago I was plus twenty units and having a pretty good season.

    It is time to end my misery. I am done with college hoops for this season. Even though I did not post any plays last night, I put in some bets and lost four of five again. I know I have lost my touch and in my opinion these conference tourny’s and the big tourny is hard to cap even when things are going good.

    This was my first losing season in college hoops in a few years. I usually do well in college hoops, but this just was not my year. I guess I was due to have a losing season. I will bet them back next year.

    In the meantime I am not throwing away anymore money and will save it for bases. I usually do very well in bases and am really looking forward to it. I am really looking forward my Philadelphia Phillies defending their title as well.

    I will still throw my opinions around the rest of this basketball season, so I will not disappear completely. At looked at today’s games and nothing jumped out at me. My confidence is just completely shaken right now. See you guys around.

    Good Luck Everybody!!

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    I understand 100%. Sometimes things dont go your way. Hang in there and come back when you are comfortable....

    Go Boilers!
    thru 2/3

    NCAAF ’20 215-187-5 +75.19
    NCAAF ’21 200-169-7 +37.80
    NCAAF '22 239-216-14 +24.41

    NFL ’20 128-110-8 +50.21
    NFL ’21 94-102-3 -15.37
    NFL '22 186-165-9 +54.63

    NCAAB ’21-22 908-771-42 +196.07
    NCAAB '22-23 510-488-9 -43.13

    NHL '20-21 171-154-2 +42.97
    NHL ’21-22 223-241-5 -65.79
    NHL '22-23 153-149-3 -21.97

    NBA ’20-21 241-223-7 +11.97
    NBA ’21-22 282-266-6 -1.93
    NBA '22-23 225-246-9 -94.88