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  • X-A-V-IER!!!

    I know the season is only two games deep...but it might be wise to jump on the X bandwagon before Vegas catches up. I've seen all their games this year...and man, I just don't know how this program can't be considered a top notch D1 program. Xavier lost BJ Raymond, CJ Anderson, Derrick Brown and Sean Miller...but after their first couple of game...they don't seem to have lost a beat. When X lost Miller as HC, FF posted, being very respectful (surprising, I know), that X is simply not an elite program because Miller chose to leave for Zona....well, after watching this team, I challenge anyone to say that X is not an elite program. Are they Kansas, Duke or UNC? No. But seriously...they don't rebuild...they reload. These guys will lose some headscratchers this year with a new head coach, but you can't look at this team, with all their losses, and not tell me they are not a perennial top 25 team. They are fast and loaded with athletes. Jordan Crawford is straight ridiculous. Redford may be the best shooter in basketball. Love, Frease and McLean down low....wookie. I wasn't expecting this type of pure athleticism from this year's X team. Are they Final 4? No....but they will make some noise...and to say Dayton is the overwhelming favorite in the A10 is crazy.

    X may deserve a serious look in the upcoming Old Spice Classic. They have good defense, good big men and some serious, fast, athletic guard play. Jordan Crawford, regardless of the dunk on LeBron, is for ******* real. This team can seriously match up with a lot of athletic teams. This year's team pushes the ball...and they haves the outside shooting and inside support to make them pretty damn dangerous. I can say, not being a homer, and trying to be completely objective, that if this X team isn't an NCAA team and legit top 25 team when all is said and done, I will be shocked.

    While I realize X isn't Kansas, Duke, NC, watch their team on the floor, with all they've lost, and not consider them an elite team....well, with all those losses and horses they put on the floor...I guess I just don't know what elite is. They straight up have some AFFLETES! And Redford...until you've seen him shoot the ball...just damn.
    "You come at the King, you best not miss." Omar

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    OK...I've had time to calm down...X is still light years ahead of where I thought they would be right now. I guess I just buy into them being a "mid major" sometimes when I read it over..and over...and over again. There is simply nothing "mid major" about them. They recruit top tier talent. And taking into consideration everything thy lost last year...I'm just shocked at the level of athletes they are putting on the floor this year. And its kind of nice to see that HC Mack is letting his horses run the floor. They are a much better team than I was expecting at this point. They are going to be GOOD. X hasn't had a kid that can create his own shot like Crawford since..dare I say it, FF....Byron Larkin.

    Remember these names...Crawford, Redford, Love, and Lyons. Cheeks Lyons may be more quicker and more athletic than Drew Lavender...never thought I'd say it...but its true.

    We'll see if they step up or **** themselves in the Old Spice Classic.
    "You come at the King, you best not miss." Omar