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Nigel's 11/18 Pick

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  • Nigel's 11/18 Pick

    Great to see college hoops back in action.

    UC -22 -- 2 units

    Going to take a stab at UC tonight. They played horribly against Prairie View a few nights ago. The players said they weren't focused, Cronin took some blame, it was not pretty. So I look for them to come out tonight ready to prove they don't suck against a pretty bad Toledo team. If they lay another stinker tonight, the rumblings about Cronin will start...yes, two games into the season.

    "You come at the King, you best not miss." Omar

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    GL Xavier insider :thumbs:
    Its not an addiction, its a way of life


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      Good call X-Man! :thumbs:
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        Thanks guys...more like good call linesmaker. Damn, that game just reminds of how crazy college hoops can be against the line. A 22 point game and I'm freaking out. Should have pushed....UC up 22 with about 10 seconds left. Toledo shoots and misses with 6 seconds left. UC rebounds and instead of holding the ball to end the game, they throw it down court for a last second meaningless layup. Wow. I need to remember this or be reminded of this one when I lose the next ten close ones by **** like this.

        But honestly...I'll take what I can get.
        "You come at the King, you best not miss." Omar