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  • Sunday

    38-29-1: +15.65

    2 units

    Cincy ml+150 at xavier

    1 unit

    Cincy-X under 136

    i feel like this will be a low scoring, sloppy defensive battle, which i feel is a game cincy is better equipped to pull out right now, i think the bearcats avenge last years loss to the xmen


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    I saw your post and about shat myself....I didn't know the line on this game...I went over to sportsinsights to look at the line. Cincy a dog? The line I saw was X -3.5. I don't even understand it....its so crazy that it scares me. This X team has looked horrible recently. They looked bad in the Old Spice Classic, came home and beat Kent, and then go on the road and look putrid against K-State. I need to look at this closer...this is UC's first true road game...KState may not be that bad (after whipping UNLV today @ UNLV) and that game was circled on their calendar because X had abused them in Cincy the last two years...Martin said their loss to X was the worst loss he had ever been involved with...the players @ KState all said they wanted that one....oh, this one is confusing. X is tough at the Cintas...but they aren't very good...talented, but not good. initial instinct is totally with you. I just don't understand why X is doesn't make sense. And then there's the whole unranked favorite at home against a favorite thing.

    Geez...I'm going to have to think about this one...still lean UC...just don't get it. Either way...

    "You come at the King, you best not miss." Omar


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      freakin brutal, ot kills the under which would have minimized damage if cinci lost, then cinci choked in 1st ot, then i have to watch them lose in 2nd ot. everytime i make a bid to get near the 20 unit mark i get bitch slapped. had to vent a bit...

      back to the drawing board i guess.


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        just smoked it off, done whining...

        i think i may lose couple more units on cinci wen they travel to uab wednesday. uab has really not played anybody yet and cinci by far best defensive team they will have faced this year. gonna have tough time laying off cincy wednesday even though its bad spot after tough rivalry game.

        real tiny slate tomorrow, wanted to take over in houston-troy game, i was hoping for 165 or less tho. 172 is sharp number, 93-79 is tough to argue with. gonna sleep on that