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Just a little bit more about me for the record..

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  • Just a little bit more about me for the record..

    I have really enjoyed joining this forum and was an avid lurker last year before deciding to join and share my picks with all of you. I do not have a scientific approach to my picks however I have the "3 guy system". Simply put, 2 of my close friends along with myself have over the past 4 years, taken it upon ourselves to choose a conference whether it be NCAAB or NCAAF and follow those teams in those respective conferences doing our own seperate analysis in order to make the most calculated and educated bets weighing several factors, which I will elaborate on in another post, in order to make the best bet possible. We did bad our first season but kept at it and broke basically even our second year however the fruits of our labor began to pay dividends last year with all of us having decent winning margins. This year has been stellar for us as we all cashed over 20k after the conclusion of the NCAAF season and we are all over 30k so far on the NCAAB season (this could be more but our bet sites have capped us now at 3k per bet).

    DO NOT TAKE THIS POST THAT WE ARE EXPERTS AS WE ARE FAR FROM THAT!!!!!!!!! I am only trying to share what methodogy is used when I post my picks. Hell a free throw here or there can change everything however this year the chips have fallen our way. I hope this helps everyone understand the philosopy behind my posted picks. Our three conferences this year are the Big East, Big Ten, and the MVC. (Yes, we do go outside the box if the opposing team is a decided better bet or if one of us get's a wild hair up their arse like me following Fairfield and some of the ACC losers :laughing:). GL to all of you!!!
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    Thanks for the info

    I will keep an eye on your picks.