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  • weekend

    2 u: 2-2: -0.4 u
    1 u: 14-8-1: +5.31 u
    Faves/Pks Overall: 16-10-1: +4.91 u

    2+ u:
    1.25 u: 6-4: +1.999 u
    Short dogs 1 u: 4-3: +0.8 u
    Dogs Overall: 10-7: +2.799 u

    2 u Overs: 4-0 +8 u
    1 u Overs: 2-0:+2 u
    1 u Unders:
    Totals Overall: 6-0: +10 u

    Middle Buybacks: -0.1 u

    ATS: 32-17-1 +17.671 u

    Dog MLs: 2-8: +0.875 u

    ML Parls (0.5 u): 4-2: +1.147

    2nd Halfs (0.5 u):

    friday play

    1.1 / 1 u

    Washington vs. UCSB: Over 149

    A sub-150 total on a washington home game vs a decent offensive team is tough to pass on. Washington is without their C Aziz and thus will use a smaller line up which i would think would make them play even faster. Huskies should manage to get their 85 points or so, they always score well at home. Will likely need an attainable 70 points or so out of the Guachos. If the game is indeed competitive as the spread implies that should only help the cause.

    cant believe how early these lines came out, guess im gonna have to start checkin betonline real early.

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    Way to get the early jump Beholdah! :beerbang:
    Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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      I like your rationale on this game. must agree. They're not even offering a line on this game. I need a new bookie!


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        sat lines already out, this is crazy. i hadnt been checkin for the lines till like 5 pm since i opened betonline, guess they always come out insanely early.

        1.1 / 1 u

        Denver-2 vs. boise

        Boise is young team that shoots a ton of 3's, theyre shooting a great 41% from deep overall so far, but theyre 15-52 from deep in their 2 their only 2 road games. Denver's home court adv is real solid. they can hang with/beat anyone at home. Boise could be due to hit more shots on the road but only laying a bucket with a good home team vs a suspect road team seems like solid value to me. im sure boise will play much much better than that stinker @ lsu but im not asking for a blowout here, just a pioneer home win.

        St Hoes hosts the Holy War in their house for the first time possibly ever, or at least in like 40 years. The place is going to be absolutely rockin and with the teams basically evenly matched this year, hmoe court should play big here. However, the oddsmakers arent playing around and are aware of this, hoes laying 4.5. Nova hasnt shot well this year but i was randomly watching the 2nd half vs boston theo ther day and nova completely annhilated them after a complete brickfest in the first half. My confidence level in a hoes win here went from very high to nowhere near as high, cant forget how well coached nova is. The key to this game will be hoes frustrating them inside and forcing nova to fall into chuck mode. Nova has gone into chuck mode often this year, I like that the hoes bigs should be able to hang with Yarou and Pinkston. Aiken is a beast. Getting off to a strong start is key for the hawks in this one, nova is solid defensively and dont want to have to play catchup. The crowd is going to be absolutely nuts. Im going to see what the line does, i think itll be one of those games that hoes backers will sweat out till the very end, but hoes will pull away late for the cover, i want to lay as little as possible.


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          1.2/ 1 u



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            Nice call on the UCSB/WU over...

            I was gonna tail you - you had me convinced...but I am trying to work on my discipline this year - and my book had it at 151...



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              ^Thanks maddog, discipline is key

              ML Parl

              0.5/ 0.51

              Purdue over butler
              Indy over notre dame
              Ohio over wright st