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  • tues/wed

    Both 1.1/ 1 u

    Hoes+3 @ duquense

    Over 149

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    I like Hoes to bounce back here with a road win, i had this pegged as over matchup for weeks now so im sticking with it, but i am a little concerned about DuQuesne being without BJ Monteiro here and how that could effect their offense. In fact i HATE that he isnt playing, how many times does a team lose a key player and proceed to play their best game of season in first game without him?

    Either way, DuQuesne is a flawed team in that they lack quality bigs and i dont see how they matchup with AIken and Roberts, even sloppy ass Halil to an extent. Duquesne's strength is their guard play, its not a huge strength in this game since Lang and Tay are NASTY.


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      tuesday play
      i hate this bet but made it anyway. first under bet of season

      1.1/ 1 u

      Oakland vs. Blowjob Bob: Under 152

      This is a relatively low number for an oakland game. Theyve played horrible defense this year and for a while there holding a team under 80 pts looked impossible for them.

      Then they played high scoring So Dak St on the road, with the total set at 175 points... and the game proceeded to land on 140 (76-64)

      I was real surprised at this final, i had sd st and was anticipating 90-76 kind of game at least. I did some digging to find out what the hell happened, 64 possessions in an oakland-so dak st matchup??

      Found a post game press conf clip of coach Greg Kampe talking about how he realized he has to control the pace more and slow it down because his young team has not been able to compete at their usual fast pace. the team had been getting stomped past few games giving up 85+ nightly..

      Enter Fellatio Bobby, who has only had 1 total go over this number all year, and that landed at 155.

      This bet is worrisome because despite the slower pace oakland still wasnt efficient defensively that game @ sd st, and never know if that was a one game experiment...

      Also, backing Oral is extremely intruiging. There is no doubt who the more balanced and experienced team is at this point. Oral has lost 6 straight to Oakland and no doubt would love nothing more than to hand a crushing defeat to oakland. That said, oakland is desperate and its tough to fade them in a spot like this...
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        Lasalle and St Louis should find their way onto my card, and perhaps a doggy like Evansville, all 3 moved a point away on me , will check back when i get home in couple hours, gotta get back to work

        amazing how volatile these openers are


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          man someone out there must have hammered the oakland under, i see it as low as 144.5 now. hope theyre right...


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            1.1/ 1 u

            Billikens -1.5 @ gayton

            Another situation where a key injury could have the opposite effect, but i just think StL is a damn good team and fully healthy. Josh Benson's injury definately hurts the flyers and takes away a solid big who would have caused some problems for the billikens. StL has won @ dayton each of last 2 years. although to be fair those wins featured coaching mismatches (Majerus vs Gregory), but alot of these StL players have had success there.


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              2 u: 2-2: -0.4 u
              1 u: 18-12-1: +5.01 u
              Faves/Pks Overall: 20-14-1: +4.61 u

              2+ u:
              1.25 u: 9-4: +5.75 u
              Short dogs 1 u: 5-3: +1.8 u
              Dogs Overall: 14-7: +7.55 u

              2 u Overs: 4-0 +8 u
              1 u Overs: 7-3:+3.7u
              1 u Unders:
              Totals Overall: 11-3: +11.7 u

              Middle Buybacks: -0.1 u

              ATS/Totals: 45-24-1 +23.76 u

              Dog MLs: 2-11: E

              ML Parls (0.5 u): 8-5: +1.758

              2nd Halfs (0.5 u):


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                Dude you are on the right side of that Oakland total! I put in a play to tail you earlier and got it at 150 and a half. I just looked and it is down to 145!

                GL on it! As always great write ups and looking forward to your other picks! :thumbs:

                EDIT: haha just saw your post above! Hope they're right too!
                Nobody spins the floater better than Phil Rivers. Nobody.


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                  good luck, B!



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                    :laughing: first under bet of year ends up being on game with highest scoring half of year, 111 pt 2nd half


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                      ML Parl

                      0.5 / 0.511 u

                      Duke over temple
                      UCF over tulane
                      FSU over auburn

                      if these seminole herbs spoil another parlay... lol had to throw a big fave in there to get rid of the juice


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                        GL Beholdah.....looks like the Noles showed up or Auburn forgot too....
                        Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew: