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1/22 ncaabb

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  • 1/22 ncaabb

    226-191 +51.70

    depaul +1.5

    3 units

    may add a few more, but i figure this is probably the best of the line on this game so i put it in now, as I'm slightly concerned about it dropping to a pick em or so as the day goes on.

    Sounds funny to care about +1.5 as opposed to a pick em, thinking there's a chance they could lose by exactly 1, but, I won 2 games by 1/2 pt yesterday, dropped one by a 1/2 pt (that could have been a push if i had gotten the game in sooner at +2), and had a few other close ones to the spread as well.

    Hoops is, imho, by far the most important sport to shop for the best line you can get, and even more specifically college hoops.

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    lol all that and it goes to +2 anyway

    cle st -5.5
    wisconsin pk
    wisc gb +2.5

    3 units each