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    Stif... I got your email.... replied to it the other day.... this morning i found out it bounced back to me.... re-sent it... have you received it?

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    sure did. I got the excel spreadsheet attachment one too.....problem is I have a MAC and i'm not sure if i can use the spreadsheet :bang:


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      Originally posted by Stifler's Mom View Post
      sure did. I got the excel spreadsheet attachment one too.....problem is I have a MAC and i'm not sure if i can use the spreadsheet :bang:

      lol bro... I have a mac too.... they sell microsoft office for mac's, you know....

      You can also download neo office... its the mac version of openoffice... it's a microsoft office replacment and its opensource... which means FREE.


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        skinsfan, do you mind emailin me info about the road system you always use?

        my addy registered on here is good, if stifler or a mod can give it to ya.


        "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
        -Big Pimpin-


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          Originally posted by Q-Unit View Post
          skinsfan, do you mind emailin me info about the road system you always use?

          my addy registered on here is good, if stifler or a mod can give it to ya.

          If Skins gives the OK, I'll hook you up.

          Also, I didn't know you could get a free mac replacement for office. That's cool.

          Also, maybe you can answer this Skins. When I open cbs sportsline with safari, i get some stupid error message that pops down from the top of the browser. I ignore it, close the little error window, and go on my way. Is there a way to get rid of it though?

          Also, often times when viewing the live scoreboard on cbs sportsline, safari encounters some kind of error, and just closes, closing EVERY safari window I have open, not just the one I had sportsline open in. Do you ever have this problem? Or don't you ever use that site?

          There was something else I wanted to ask too, but I forget what now, lol

          Anyway, I've only had my mac for 3 months and I'm still learning...


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            Use Google Docs & Spreadsheets!


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              1) Stif thats fine to give q my email

              2) 1st of all Stif, I prefer using firefox as opposed to safari.... i use sportsline all the time for live updates.... make sure you have the latest java downloaded... Should work fine with Safari, but you may want to try out firefox

              3) Is the error message popping up referring to windows media player or real media player? Windows hasn't updated their windows media player for mac in awhile.... I used to get the same problem... download the free Real Player ( should take care of it... the problem is sportsline has video clips on its main page

              4) Google Docs is pretty cool for basic ****.... I looked into using it exclusively (I use spreadsheets for everything).... problem is you can't (or at least when i tried it you couldn't) insert charts into the spreadsheets.

              5) I've been using macs for about 6 years now... feel free to email me with any questions you have.


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                Definitely use firefox and safari...some things work better on one or the other. All I use is Macs as well, being in the Graphic design industry for years. Got a powerbook G4. I got Office for Mac and it works just fine. Realplayer is the way to go like SF says...
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                  Wow, I didnt' know there were so many mac users here. Good to know though, cause while I am able to figure out the basics of how to use the machine relatively easily, issues like this are not as easily solved, by me at least. And even if they are nothing more than annoying, they are still just that, annoying.

                  As far as the error I was referring to when I open cbs sportsline...

                  It says "Safari cannot find the internet plug in. The page blah blah blah has content of MIME type application/x-mplayer2. Because you don't have a plug-in installed for this type, the content cannot be displayed".

                  I just click "ok" and it goes away.

                  I figured it was just some type of video that safari was unable to display. From the looks of it, it is a windows media player issue. I'm gonna try real player, although I was never a big fan of real player when I used PC's.

                  I'm not sure, but I doubt this particular error has anything to do with safari quitting when I use the live update page though....although I suppose anything is possible.

                  Thanks for all the advice though guys. I'll definitely try this stuff out :thumbs:


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                    Stif.... real player should definitely solve that issue for you.... I don't like realplayer either, but that was the only fix i could find.... There are several things you should install on your mac to make sure internet video works:

                    a) Realplayer

                    b) Flip4Mac - Windows Media® Components for QuickTime

                    Flip4mac is a plugin that allows Quicktime to play Windows Media Player files. They charge for the pro version, but they have a free downloadable version as well.

                    I also highly recommend trying out Firefox. Because Safari is a Mac only browser, some web developers don't keep it in mind when creating websites.... Although, nowadays, websites are becoming more and more compatible, I still recommend Firefox (for both macs and pcs).

                    If you want a Microsoft Office replacement (for free) go to


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                      Well, I finally got some free time this afternoon and downloaded Flip4Mac, realplayer, firefox, and NeoOffice 2.1.

                      I'm gonna check out using the firefox browser soon and hopefully in the meantime the realplayer and flip4mac downloads "repair" the problems i've been having with safari.....and now hopefully i'll be able to open the spreadsheet attachment for the mlb road system as well once NeoOffice is done downloading, lol.

                      BTW, i don't know if you work with graphics or pictures at all, but I was wondering if you knew of any good (and free) graphics editors for Mac OS X? I know I already have iPhoto, but I was wondering if there was anything else decent out there. What I'm trying to do is take a few images from different pictures and combine them all into one picture to make it look like it was one photo, for some album art for my band. I'm a dummy when it comes to anything artistic though, so I'm having a bit of a hard time, lol...

                      Also, ever since I got my Mac, I can't play poker at absolute poker dot net anymore. Any way I can get around this that you're aware of?

                      Oh more thing, and by far the least important of the three, but while I'm at it, i figured i'd ask anyway....I use Yahoo Messenger sometimes, and I was wondering why the Mac version has no access to their ****ty chat rooms? I figure you might not know anything about this, but I figured i'd ask anyway. It's fun to go in those rooms and mess with people sometimes, lol, and now I can't ever since I got a Mac.

                      Thanks again :beerbang:


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                        Not sure about the free graphics programs...I have all the top of the line adobe graphics programs that I use at work, and just loaded them onto my powerbook. I'd say try and get yourself a "free" copy of photoshop. LOL

                        As for poker....that IS a problem...I spent a long time trying to find a site, and it seems was the only one I could find that was Mac compatible. There might be more now (this was over a year ago) but I'm not sure.

                        As for Yahoo messenger, I'm not sure as I don't use that, but I know ichat on you OSX is compatible with MSN messenger...



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                          Skins, Is there any chance that you can email me the info about the road system you are using, it seems to be very profitable. I'd like to keep track of it for myself for a cpl months and then maybe start playing it.

                          My email address registered on here is good, if stifler or a mod can give it to you.
                          Thanks, and let me know either way.
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