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  • Question about betting software

    I'm not much of a sportsbetter but the money in gambling has always interested me. So when I bet on sports I normally follow the free picks I find online. tnx for a few nice wins PredictEm ;)

    A guy I've had on msn for quite some time (but never met IRL) contacted me and asked me if I wanted in on his new betting software. His software would grab free picks online and then follow the pick by placing the bets on betfair. Basically the same as I do, only automatic. I told him I had to think about it. I googled around a bit and couldn't find a program that did the same. If its this easy, how come nobody else is selling it? I'm also very skeptical to the idea of some program placing the bets for me.

    What do you guys think? Is this one of those too good to be true situations?

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    99% of all "offers" out there are scams.

    If it's so profitable, why is he trying to sell it to you? If it truly made loot he'd be busy printing money with it instead of cold calling you online to sell you on it.

    I'd surely pass.
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      He tells me he's in money trouble and therefore will rent it out to a few people to improve his cash flow. Your right 99% of things like this out there are scams. This one sounds a bit interesting tho because it just automate the tasks I used to do manually.

      I want to see this software in action before I make my final decision. If it does what its supposed to it should make money.


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        One question:

        How can a guy who has a "system" that "WINS" money claim to have money problems?

        Be skeptical dude!


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          Yeah, that really sounds shady as all hell. Having a program place bets for you is already incredibly risky IMO, but having someone else's do it for you... I wouldn't even go there.

          Be careful man.
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            I talked to the guy and told him that if he would lend me the program for free I would test it out with 200 on betfair. And after that I might rent it if I liked it. It has been running on my Betfair account since the 10th now and my results so far are +2.86 after 49 bets. It have been betting 4.55 flat on every match. I will post the bets placed each day (preferably before they get settled) in this thread so you guys can see how I'm doing.


            There is no reason to post the settings or you wagers here! This is the GD! Post your games where they belong!

            I'm doing this because I think its a fun project, not because I think I'm gonna get rich in a hurry.
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                No spamming! You Gone!