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    was laughing the other day at a post and was curious what are the classic posts that people see on the various fourms on the net that are either (a) just stupid or (b) illogical or (c) just make you laugh?? Post 'em here.

    got a couple to start with...some of my all time favorites

    (a) "The Blind Tailer"....this is a classic IMO. Saw this the other week in boiler's thread. he had like 11 plays posted with no write ups at equal units and he gets a post in his thread saying "tailing your xxxx play". I mean you can pick out one to tail that stands out more than another?? Either Clarivoyant or owner of a nice ouiji board

    (a1) "The After the fact Thanks for the Winner"......this one is even more classic i think. Guy "A" goes like 2-13 on his plays and has somebody highlight one of his 2 winners with a "Thanks for the Winner" banner with no previous mention of a tail or the play posted in his thread. yeah, ok. you picked out his one winner out of 20 and avoided the other ones? Once again, nice ouiji board, clarevoyant or full of ****.

    (b) "Opposites but Good Luck, hope it hits".....huh???.......i just put 500.00 on team A but hope team B wins it???

    (c) "love your xxxxx play"....then you go in the guy's thread and he has yyyyy as a pick....another head scratcher.

    (d) "Chalk baseball/hockey guy".......GOY on Xxxxx -327. Is that really handicapping to release a GOY on the Penguins over the Hershey Bears or the Yankees over the Royals with Sabathia facing some Royals call-up?

    anyway, just bored and was curious if anyone else had any classics........
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !

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    I can't recall the punchlines but I've seen a few over the years that had me laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes.
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