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Woman shoots for 1000lb goal WTF

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  • Woman shoots for 1000lb goal WTF

    Woman aims for 1000 pound weight goal - Family & Health - Health & Fitness Article - Yahoo! Canada Lifestyle

    Does she not realize that she'll end up having massive physical problems long before she gets to 1k?
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    Only in America!

    Why is this news? Using the "if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound" philosophy, if the damn paper doesn't publicize this fat bitches quest would she still do it?


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      That might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

      I can't help but wonder at what point does a person who admittedly wants to get up to 1000 lbs (and certainly at the very least become immobile if not die in the process) become a danger to themselves, and by law be locked up and not allowed to eat more than normal portions required for survival until she passes psychological exams and is considered to no longer be a threat to herself?

      I mean it's practically suicide, and if you make a serious attempt at suicide by whatever means you choose, you can be detained until it is deemed that you are no longer a danger to yourself, can you not?

      How is this different?

      What if she falls on her little kid in the process of "chasing" it? I can't really imagine her "chasing" anything, but that's what the story says. I'm guessing a 600 pound woman falling on a 2 or 3 year old kid would be certain death. So then would it be considered an "accident"?

      Freakin pig


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        Damn, I know there's chubby chasers out there, but that's just disgusting. :puke:


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          You got to be kidding.

          She currently earns some income by running a site where male viewers pay to watch her eat and wash herself.

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