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A-Roid hits number 600

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  • A-Roid hits number 600

    I wanted to puke while watching this highlight.

    He'd probably be hitting 400 today if not for the perf. enhancers.

    Sammy Sosa was my favorite player until I found out he did roids.

    All these stats are bull****. Mantle, Maris and Ruth are probably rolling over in their graves right now.

    To see this ****er get praised for his artificial career stats is a disgrace.

    He's good and would have been good either way. But he'd have NEVER hit 600.

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    He might have hit 600.

    But he would have been doing it as a 40-year-old journeyman or as a DH or something, not as a player in the "prime" or prime years of his career, if you will.

    This is what makes baseball so great though. I'd argue the stats are no longer relevant and everything should be asstricked when they started building bandbox stadiums with fences so shallow fly balls carry out on the right day. How many homeruns would have the Babe, or Maris, or any of those old-school guys have hit if they only had to hit them 320-ish as compared to the days where cattle grazed in center field because it was 550 to center.

    Can't compare eras.

    Unfortunately for our lifetime the game will always be known as the Steroid era.

    And by the way ... Canseco was right. Everyone bagged on him, called him all sorts of ****, but damn if not every one of his words rang true. He's still a weasle, but at least his vengence pulled the curtain on what was going on and maybe the game will move on thanks to that clown.