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  • Now I have seen it all

    Now I have seen it all.

    My longtime favorite announcer Dave Niehaus recently died, so I wanted to get some cool memorabilia to hang on my wall in remembrance.

    So I go to piece of **** and and order up a 16x20 photo that Im gonna frame. It was like 90 bucks plus 6 bucks for shipping.

    Kinda spendy for a 16x20 but what the hell. I have fond memories of the guy and the games he called.

    So I put the order in, it gets accepted. Im eager to get this thing. Ive even got a frame picked out.

    Then the next day I get an email that says the seller cancelled my order. So I go to amazon to look for another one and the same f'n seller has it online for a whole 19 bucks more.

    He cancelled my sale so he could squeeze out a few more bucks. What a piece of worm dung.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Im so sick of greedy mf's. They seem to be around every corner these days.
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    You know what's really sad in the memorobelia world is that there are people like you who are looking for something that has sentimental value and you have to wade through the people who are looking to do nothing more than turn a buck to get it.

    Have you tried Cooperstown collection i believe it is? They have a ton of authenticated MLB merchandise and collectibles.......wondering if they would have any Niehaus stuff especially now that he has passed.

    i think i have bid on ebay like 2x in my life and never on amazon.
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      have you contacted amazon? you had a deal and he shouldve honored it. at least he should get ba feedback.
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        I didn't think of that. Good idea!