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    I'm sure many of you 30 something's remember Nick along with Fred Hickman back when CNN Sports was huge. He was a great sports guy.

    He has cancer now, which is very sad. On the brighter side, his attitude is amazing. Check out the video and article here:

    Facing death, CNN sports legend embraces life -

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    they would have been in grade school when Nick and Fred were on CNN, Kevin...About the same time Olbermann and Patrick were tearing it up at ESPN....back when it was still possible to watch a sportscenter type show...I haven't watched one in years as the hosts now just plain suck....this is a funny clip from the late 80s....sad to see Nick Charles like this...great attitude from him about the whole thing...hope I'd react like that if I was ever in his shoes....

    YouTube - CNN Sports Promo Blooper with Nick Charles and Fred Hickman 1980's


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      Im a nerd. I watched CNN Sports in grade school. lol I've had the fever ever since I came out of the womb lol