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What is your favorite Vegas casino property and why?

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  • What is your favorite Vegas casino property and why?

    I like the Las Vegas Hilton because it's off the beaten path and is somewhere I can go for the weekend and not have to leave.

    Their sportsbook is enormous and has tons of seating/tvs. They've got a big dedicated racebook as well.

    The buffet is right next to the restaurant and it offers beer! There's a cool deli that serves up some FAT samiches directly behind the sportsbook.

    Benihana restaurant is a great experience. They make the food right at your table and it's tasty. The chefs there are friendly and put on a good show as well.

    I'd move into this f'n place if I could. Hell, I might some day!
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    It's the only hotel with a decent gym without charging you an insane resort fee.
    Walking distance to everything, right in the middle of the strip, etc.


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      I agree with the LV Hilton!


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        I liked the Hilton for many reasons, but it was my last visit that sold me. I used to leave in a cab for lower limits. This past trip I don't think I left except for friday night. They lowered the limits and I got to meet Jay (can't spell his last namea) and the pit boss at the craps table stopped and talked to Queen, Badhabit and myself in the sportsbook. EVERY place I ever was up at craps tried to piss me off and I think thats what they are trained to do, run off the winners that are hot. But this guy was gold and had a great time.

        The Las Vegas Hilton......No Less

        You can call and make a reservation and tell them, you send my buddy promos's, I would like one and be firm but gentle. Thats how I got my promo for this year, but had to buy a new PC and that killed that crap. Less than $60.00 a night......Even
        If its fun, do it


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          Yo, I swear the guys at the craps table at the Hilton try and Help ya. They are so cool. Kevin asked them a bunch of questions and they took the time to answer them in a very polite way. I think the Hilton has everything at good prices and have the best staff ever. The cocktail waitress act like they remember us from past years. And Badhabit had one hell of a time at the craps table. For his birthday he went to the dog track left early saying not the same as Vegas. LOL

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