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Will gold hit 2k an ounce?

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  • Will gold hit 2k an ounce?

    I think it will. Not only is it a good hedge on the declining dollar, but it appears that there's a supply/demand issue as well.

    I bet we see 2000/ounce within the next 2 years. Your take?
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    the way its going it will. ov 300 the last year and i believe ov 800 in 2yrs i think


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      If I did, I would be buying some.
      It's the public driving it up right now. I think major holders are going to cash out very soon, causing the public to panic (being the pussies they are) and it will go back down.

      Silver is a safer play, because at the end of the can always take delivery on it and have someone mold you something cool like a big silver ninja for your living room. No matter how bad of a day you are having, you can just look at that and be like..."hell yeah".