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  • Tipping

    I've noticed an increasing trend that really bugs the **** out of me.

    When I go through a drive-through to pick up food, theres a spot for a tip on the visa slip. How can a business expect me to tip when no real service has been performed?

    I see this a lot at drive through coffee shops too.

    Should one tip at these places? Do you tip? Am I being a cheapskate?

    I just don't see it. Would love to hear your take.
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    I've seen that as well...and have NO clue why anyone would actually tip when you are driving through....

    I mean they are doing nothing but hading the bag out the window.....why on earth would I tip them???

    You are NOT being a cheapskate for not tipping...IMO....

    The funny thing is that at Sonic the "car hop" brings the food to you. I have always tipped...if nothing else let them keep the coins. NOW when you pay with a credit card you don't get a chance to tip them....there is no visa slip with a tip You would HAVE to give them a buck if you where inclined to tip strange is
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      i defintely do not tip at a fast food restaurant. first off, i dont eat fast food very often and second, they mess the orders up all the time so why should they get a tip for that?


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        they put in c.c machines now.i dont think u need to but even if a few tip they get extra money.
        i dont tip at fast food but i do if i pick up pizza.


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          Originally posted by Daws1089 View Post
          they mess the orders up all the time so why should they get a tip for that?
          I agree Bro!

          Taco Bell and McDonalds are the WORST!

          How can one F up a bean burrito and a steak soft taco supreme?

          Half the time I end up with a crunch taco and an enchirito.