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    Doe sit seem to you guys that there are more dogs winning these days. Texas lost today at -267

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    It seems that way at times and may even be the case in short stretches but long term results show that things end up pretty even in the end.


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      So far this year the Faves are 55.42% meaning Dogs are 44.58% - well profitable if you're an underdog bettor.

      I've also found if you seem to be streaking on your betting you seem to notice certain trends that involve your betting patterns... for instance, in MMA, up until tonight, I was 0-8 betting any fighter of Asian decent... it seems like all Asian fighters were losing! But it's just that I'm not picking the right ones! However, thankfully with Cung Le winning, I am now 1-8, woo hoo!!!

      BuzzBomb has it right though: sportsbetting is definitely streaky but comes back around given enough time.
      NFL 17: 45-47-2 // 48.91% // -10.12
      MMA: 247-332-2 // 42.66% // -6.04
      MLB 17: 151-140-8 // 51.89% // +5.65 ROR // +42.13
      NCAAF 17: 63-49-2 // 56.25% // +6.80
      Updated on 01/13/18
      One of my 2018 resolutions: no more action gambling.