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I must have the best vision in the world

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  • I must have the best vision in the world

    I must have the best vision in the world. Well, no, not really. Announcers are just stupid!

    How many times have you been watching a replay and a guy is CLEARLY down with a knee or an elbow and the announcer goes on and on about how "the ball was out" but yet you plainly see that it's down.

    Are these announcers morons or do they have a bet on the game so are being bastards because the call looks to be going the opposite direction of their betting ticket.

    I can't even tell you how many times I've wanted to choke the **** out of a tv announcer because they're so fkn stupid! lol
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    My favorite phrase while I'm watching football and an announcer butchers a replay ... "What game are you watching?"

    Most of the announcers are terrible, and Gruden with his gushing and stroking everyone's wood all the time ... "That was a great play," "This guy is something special," "I just love so and so's ethic," blah, blah blah. Surprised he's taken their tools out of his mouth long enough to talk.

    Every time I see an false start/offsides and the announcer says ... "Let's see if this is on the offense or defense" makes me want to throw my TV out the window. They don't stop the play if it's on the defense you moron (unless he's unimpeded) ... you get paid for this, KNOW THE F**KIN RULES YOU RICHARD!!!!

    Vent over.