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Financial Idependece Through Sports Betting

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  • Financial Idependece Through Sports Betting

    Upon further review I will not be able to post this free life changing information. :bang:
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    Welcome to the forum. We appreciate your posts and insight but mention of anything cost related, service related, asking for emails, posting your email addy, etc are all violations of our posting rules.

    Again, we appreciate your contributions here but if your agenda is to sell our readers anything, you're wasting your time here. Mentioning that you sell your system for X dollars tells us that you're a tout/salesman etc, and we dont allow that here.


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      My Own Reply

      :beer2:My agenda here was to only give away a simple system that has earned me millions over the last 11 years. Do I sound "slick"? Yes you are quite right because I turned my Sport Betting Business into a hugh success.

      That said I was just trying to give away the life changing info. How do I know it is life changing? It changed my life.

      I thought that I would give it away to guys who are the real gamblers like I once was. Now I invest in sports.

      Check back a year from now and my won lost percent will exceed 60%. No BS just fact

      Everyone can rest easy. I will not post the in and outs of my successful system here.:beer2:


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        LOL. We're all deeply saddened.

        When you have a second, take a few dollars out of those millions to buy a Webster's dictionary so that you can learn how to spell independence.
        Delivering previews and picks to your computer 365/days a year!


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          Thanx for the smile Uni and Kevin. BTW, its Rothko's Bday
          If its fun, do it