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Financial Idependece Through Sports Betting STEP 1

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  • Financial Idependece Through Sports Betting STEP 1

    I didn't realize giving my email address warranted such a rude response. :laughing:
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    No soliciting of any kind is allowed here. No emails, no promoting, no touts, services, etc. If you post your email address again, you'll be banned.

    FYI, progressive systems don't work. Even the best cappers have losing streaks which pushes bet 4,5,6,7,8 etc into an unaffordable risked bet amount.

    If progressive systems were a lock, Vegas casinos would have gone bust many moons ago.
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      Didn't Mean Any Harm

      Don't tell me that they do not work.


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        The Kevin response was not rude at all. You broke our posted forum rules by posting your email address. There is no reason for anybody to contact you personally. Anything you have to say or answer can be posted here in the forum.

        We've seen your type come and go. You won't be the first and not the last. Warming up to our readers with hopes of grabbing some that you can sell to is absolute garbage. If you were making millions, you sure as hell wouldn't be here at the Predictem forum trying to get people to email you.

        Furthermore, progressive systems don't work. Sahara Blvd. in Las Vegas is lined with ******* bums that all thought it worked. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll give you a McDonalds hamburger when I pass YOU there on skid row on my way to the Circus Circus buffet!

        You're banned. Go find another forum to share your bull**** with.

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          I Think I Know You

          Hi Universalist,

          I thinks I know you for two reasons. One...I was a member of the same Sports Betting Club/Forum as you in 2004. I know that handle! Also, if you check your records I was a student of yours in 2007 at one of your exclusive schools. Since then I have made some serious bucks with sports betting . I want to thank you for that again.


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            "Progression Systems Don't Work"

            :sm:Hi The Mailman. Your response about Progression Systems use to be true but things have changed since the beginnings of the double down think tanks. Today, the progression bettor uses3-5 sports books, builds into their bankroll four "bust" a year systems per sports book to avoid financial failure and so much more. I took a five day mini course around 2007 that universalist1949 gave with 149 other students. Today 99 members of that class are making part time to full time incomes.

            Great course but but strange guy.

            My point is that the modern day sports better using the progression system of playing is earning a lot of money. Things have surely changed.

            Whatever happened to universalist1949? He doesn't post anymore. He usually gives away his system this time of year. Seems crazy but I spent $1500.00 for the same system and he now gives it away at times.
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              Universalist errrr, deanwest, errrr, knobgobbler! Ive been around for quite a few decades and can spot a scammer like you from a mile away. Don't think you can fool Grandma Ethel with your blocked ip address trick.

              I can't believe you'd waste your time trying to scam my grandkids, the Predictem readers! Furthermore, you're wasting my valuable time that I could be out in the courtyard at my retirement home playing soccer with my tits along with the other grannies.

              You came into my work and made a mess! How would you like it if I came into your work and threw fries all over the floor?

              Get lost sonny!


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                Ooooh a Martingale style chase one has thought of that one before :laughing:

                Maybe you can even graduate us to the much wiser Labouchere (Labby) system. Then we'll all really be in the money :beerbang:


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                  Now that was some entertaining, and enlightening, reading! It's nice to see once in a while! :)