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First - Stock picks for Feb 28, 07

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  • First - Stock picks for Feb 28, 07

    Welcome to the stock picks forum. We might actually get this mofo off the ground!

    S&P index multiple is 14! Tons of upside. My stocks:

    MSFT (Vista launch, despite what you hear on the news, is going better than expected revenuewise)
    CMG (Chipotle - tons of national expansion)
    GOOG (Will do well independently, but a good way to mitigate against risk that Microsoft messes something up)
    USO (Buying oil in a world with terrorism is never a bad idea)
    GS (Never go wrong with the white shoe boys at Goldman)

    As I do new buy recommendations, I will track them just like I track picks. I encourage others to do the same!:cool:
    可你住在有趣的时代 - May you live in interesting times.

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    Fish ... I follow stocks on another sports board and I will snag some stuff from there.

    Love to do this stock thing.
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      Gunna try and start posting my recent buys/sells...

      Most recent buy for me...

      VLO... Valero keeps beating the odds, providing bigger earnings than expected. Quietly becoming a leader in the industry. Lookin for this one to be near $70 as we get close to the 3rd quarter.
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