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Why is line moving down??

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  • Why is line moving down??

    Really liking the Trailblazers and Suns tonight.......but why is the Suns line moving down.....hope its cause of action on Houston??

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    74% of the public is on Phoenix.....

    So the BIG Sharp money must be on Houston to drive that line down so low.

    I might just have to take Houston........
    If it ain't fun, don't do it!


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      YAO MING!:beer2:
      NCAAF: Record: 38-50-1 (-30.5 donuts) :bang:
      NFL: Record: 32-28-2 (+55 donuts)
      NBA: Record: 101-85-4 (+82 donuts) :thumbs:
      NCAAB: Records: 99-78-3 (+102 donuts) :beerbang:
      MLB: Record: 1-0-0 (+3 donuts)

      1 donut = $100


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        I constantly question the Rockets effort in a lot of these games. They should be better but they do not play hard enough for the full 48 minutes. Even Lenny Wilkens said this **** last year. He said he didn't like the body language of the Rockets during one of their wins agains the Sonics where they barely escaped with the victory. Sure enough Utah took them out in the 1st round. This year I have seen the same **** with the Rockets. I question the teams effort already in a good 4-5 games this month. Maybe they will pick it up. There next 5 games after this Suns game are all very winnable if they play up to their potential. It is just sickening to see a team with 2 superstars sleepwalk through the whole game and expect to win it in the 4th quarter. Or they get a decent lead and forget to finish the game off and they barely win the game or they tank it. Looks like they will be a 5-8 seed again.
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          Tracy McGrady.... :beer2: